couldn't get on this website


i haven't been on here in 3 years because my last crappy job took away our internet and that peeved the crap out of me! so good to be back! what bugged me this morning is when i was walking into my work building this perfectly able-bodied non-handicapped lady pushed the blue handicapped button on the side of the wall and waited for the not-heavy-at-all door to SLOWLY open when she has a perfectly GOOD ARM to open the door with!!! WHY?! its like parking in a handicapped spot if you're not handicapped! not handicapped, don't park in the handicapped spot! if your arm's not handicapped, DON'T PUSH THE HANDICAPPED BUTTON!!! use your perfectly GOOD ARM to open the damn door and stop being so damn lazy!!!!!


Most places will fire you for

Most places will fire you for using internet for personal reasons.


yea like the last place but not this one! love it here!!!!!!!