Singles chatting by e-mail, text, phone and other dating pet peeves


Ugh I can't stand it when single people start emailing and one of the people write back and at the end of the email they say "talk soon" but the "talk soon" turns out that they don't write back for weeks. UGH no when someone says "talk soon" that infers that you will be chatting back with that person within a few days, not weeks and not just letting that person hang and wondering. If you don't plan on writing that person back for awhile like for weeks say something to the effect of "talk to you later" that indicates that you will eventually get back to him or her when you have time.


Another pet peeve of mine is with a lot of single women and their closed minds on their height issues with men. It's gotten so out of hand with women not only wanting but now demanding for men to be a set specific height and that typically is the 6' and even much taller than that. But yet they can't even come up with a decent argument for why they want the tall men. It's usually "ugh I don't know just because I like tall men", "I don't know because I guess I feel protected by him". Um protected by what????? That is such a stupid argument especially these days because grown up's don't get into fights or simply go looking for fights unless you are a complete PUNK, THUG OR SUCH A LOOSER. Grown up's don't get into FIGHTS and so the argument of "feeling protected" is such BS. This "HEIGHT" issue usually has to do with shorter women that are like all of 5'1", up to 5'6" or 5'7" and of course it's just obvious for taller women to date taller men but shorter women wanting and demanding that their men be at least 6' or much taller is ridiculous because even if were are 5'8", 5'9", 5'10" we will still be taller than you even when you wear your high heels.

Ok also the argument when women say they want a tall man and use the because I want to feel still shorter than him when I wear my high heels. Well duh you will be shorter than him or the same height with us men in the range of 5'8" to 5'10" plus like men point out seriously how often are you going to wear your high heels??? SERIOUSLY???? NO FOR REAL HOW OFTEN???  The obvious is not EVERY DAY and not all the time when you’re going out just casually. The high heels issue is also such BS because you will seriously just wear them on special occasions, sometimes to work and once in a blue blue moon casually but that would be rare. Plus women always complain when they wear their high heels how much their feet hurt and then expect for their men to feel sympathetic when their feet start to hurt.     



i feel ya

i do feel your pain and frustration, but i myself own nothing BUT heels, i wear them every single day, all day, to work, to the store, to church, to my aunt's house, i mean everywhere, but i'm not one of those height requirement girls, i couldn't care less how tall you are, its all about the backbone for me! i'm 5' 1" and i think i would look stupid with some 6 foot tall dude, and i'd feel stupid! sure someone taller than me is nice but not THAT tall!