Nickled and Dimed: Cell Phone Companies


I can't believe how much they charge for cell service, people are overpaying big time!

Data Plans vs Texting, Video, and Emailing:  Can someone please tell me what the hell is the difference between the catagories are?  Texting, Video, and Email were data when last I checked so why the hell are they double charging people?  Texting and email should be free considering that in most cases the data sent and received are so small that there is no way that it congests even the smallest network. The most shocking thing is that they will charge you fifteen cents to send a text msg or an email which makes me wonder why anyone bothers. Lastly AT&T just ended the unlimited data plan and I bet the other carriers will follow suit.

*TIP- Use a web based version of your favorite IM program to avoid paying texting fees.

The Phones: $500 for a phone? No way these phones cost that much to make, no way and no how!


If you look around you can

If you look around you can find some really great deals. Some companies now have prices as low as 30 bucks a month for unlimited talk. Now me I do not need all the bells and whistles. Just something to talk on. I am not going to text because it sucks.

Even More Nickel and Diming from Cell Companies

Here's another way they get you:

They charge more more for a 10 second ring tone then they do for entire song!  I saw quite a few tones that cost $2 bucks for the song but they charge $3 for the ringtone! WTF?