I can't stand the powerful draw of new tech!


I'm an early adopter in the body of someone with an anemic income. It kills me when beautiful new technology comes out and sits there, just out of my reach. 


I'm the opposite

I laugh my butt when hearing about these fat slobs who camp out at the Apple store for the latest crap that Apple is shoveling out.  I sure hell am not going to sit out in the cold, rain, snow, or heat for any product!  How sad is it we'll waste hours of ours lives simply to be the "first" play with a new toy?  I'd rather stay home in bed and maybe have sex!

I'd much rather wait for the new tech to get the bugs out and for the price to be lowered when the tech gets cheaper to make. If you wait you also tend to get the benefit of better support, more accessories, other numerous bonuses.