Credit Card and Federal/State 'Rip-off programs'

You've seen and heard them.  "If you owe the government more than [insert your choice of an amount] $$$$, contact us for tax relief.  The advertisements then show examples of the people owning legitimate taxes, due the government, stating "We got a reduction of $120,000.00, & only had fo pay $5,000.00; well I look upon this as greedy individuals helping to  contribute to our countrys' overall economic problems. If all these people, seeking to weasel out of their personal responsibilities, were to  'step up to the plate' and pay what they owe, our governmant {hopefully} would be able to address some/if not all our economic woes. The deterioration of our entire social system is, in my opinion, the result of a small number of our population.


The issue regarding the Credit Cards - If you are incapable of managing your lifestyle [refraining from buying the latest 'toys', etc.], don't feel you're entitled to being  a 'freeloader' and expect to be 'bailed out' of your situation.  A possible exception, is perhaps a major unexpected catastrophic financial setback [like having to pay medical bills, after having a heart attack].  I have no expertise in this area, but I'm willing to bet that the credit card companies, which fail in their collections (to the full amount), turn right around and claim the debt, as a 'write-off' on the corporations' tax responsibility.  Everyone gets screwed, by having to foot the bill.