I'm not sure, but probably every State in the union has driving laws stipulating that you are to turn on your headlights 1 hour before sunset, or during inclement weather.  Why are there so many who fail to 'light up', when it's been proven safety is greatly improved if a vehicle has the headlights on.  The first clue [if you have failed to notice the sun has already set] is that most businesses have turned on their outside lights.  Another clue, is the fact that you are unable to read the [analog] guages/speedometer of your vehicle, due to not having the lights on.  Conversely, I really get irritated with the folks who only apparently only have enough strength to activate the parking lights, yet are unable to move the lever/switch to the headlights on position.  I see them practically every evening, after sunset, and even though I flick my headlights at them, they seem oblivious to their situational awareness.


I love the auto setting

My car has auto setting for the headlights, which has saved my butt on many occasions. Be for that, there were plenty of times I forgot to turn on the lights. Usually it was when I started my car in a well lit garage, where the lights seemed unnecessary. Assuming I was traveling on reasonably well lit streets, it could be some time before I realized my lights were off.