Obama releases how many nuclear weapons we have.



Man this guy is a fucking idiot. This should be treated as treason period.


We have enough nukes to blow

We have enough nukes to blow up the planet several times over. You knew it, I knew... hell, the whole world knew it. How could telling people the actual number of nukes we have possibly hurt us? On the other hand, being transparent like this has the potential to go a long way toward helping us meet our diplomatic goals of reducing the number of nukes out there that we have to worry about. How exactly is this treason?

SQ, do NOT expect that one to accept reason. It never does

Reason is not an option for that republican't


Regardless if you have enough

Regardless if you have enough to blow up world several times over you do not tell the world how many you have even if they have a rough idea. TGIX the Obamaknight who never served in the military will never get it. He supports Obamas treason.