Insurance is a good thing!

Last year my car was hit by a driver who didnt have car insurance...... Obama, I get it. Make everyone get health insurance. Just like car insurance when somone gets sick and doesnt have insurance those of us that do have insurance end up paying.

I say let everyone pay there own co-pays. Make everyone get insurance.



You Are So Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jbg-- You are so right. If everybody has insurance-- everything works smoother. In CA , where many people do not carry car insurance, we ewnd up footing the bill anyway. It sucks. So, if they can get everybody insured-- everyone shares in the cost and the risk,. Good Point.

This is still America if you

This is still America if you should not be forced to get insurance. We are becoming a banana republic. Lets force people to eat what the government tell us to. If you don't you go to jail.

This IS America we should NOT be forced to pay for the UNinsured


YOU must be a scoflaw if you like the current/old system

because those are the only people it benefited. We learned that did not work and have worked very hard to make EVERYONE have to pay their fare share despite the GiNORMOUS efforts of the insurance lobbyists in Washington. YOU say "No" do you? You should not ever have to pay for insurance. YOU are special somehow? YOU don't ever get sick and NEVER have medical bills you say? If you do you will always be able to self insure? You can meet any medical costs you are likely to incur and pay them on your own?

take that stance and you would be very mistaken at best and at worst a downright despicable liar

Now pay your fair share already. That is what insurance is, everyone paying their fair share.

We who do pay all know how it works and we are frankly more than sick and tired of having to pay for the likes of you and others who think they are above the laws of physics. Guess what? You are not above the laws of physics. Your shit stinks too. YOU too will get ill and incur bills. KNOWING That you should pay your fair share. If not required to share in the cost we KNOW already how badly people like that will take advantage of the rest of us. We are sick and tired of it and not going to take it any more. We are SO sick and tired of it that we made it a law - so now you can Shut up and Pay Up or else.


and no, we're not sorry either so don't go looking for sympathy. Why should any of us have to pay for you if by chance you get struck with that deal that costs millions to keep you alive yet you won't pay a cent towards the possibility that one of us might? The current system does not work because of those who refuse to pay a cent - knowing they can get a free ride on OUR backs. To still support that old system is like saying "Hi, my name is ___________ and I think I am superior to all of the rest of you so you can pay for MY problems but I will not pay for yours."  LOL! Exactly how many friends did you think you were going to make that way? LOLOLOLOL!!!!

TGIX the current system is

TGIX the current system is fucked up I will agree with you on that. But you cannot force Americans to pay for there own insurance.


But TGIX you are right everyone should pay there fair share so I want to go on vacation so TGIX pay my fair share. Why is this system fucked up because of government. Let people pick and choose what they want for insurance. If they want insurance that just pays for emergency rooms hospital stays and operations then let them. But why in for fucksake should insurance companies pay for Viagra?


Not to mention the people that are going to whine and cry like little bitches that cannot afford it that make minimum wage. They are going to cry they cannot afford this and that so we will end up paying anyway. What part that do you not understand. We will pay for it anyway. That is what gets me about people that say stupid idiotic shit like this. I can hear the single mothers now I can hear the people that say hey food or insurance what do I pay for. Yep this whole fucking mess was created by the government. You know I had a friend that did not have insurance had to have an xray went to the hospital and said I am paying cash what do you think he paid for those xrays? 60 bucks he asked why so cheap the lady at the desk said because we do not have to deal with the insurance companies and we get out money right away.


If you do not have insurance you are a fucking uneducated moron. If you are not smart enough to find a job that provides insurance you are sucking money out of society because of the choices in life you made.

TGIX does your company provide insurance I am sure they do and I am sure most people on here has insurance. Should the rest of Americans pay for some idiot bloodsucker non producer for there medical bills NO. Let the hospitals take everything that person owns doc there wages. But bleeding heart liberals such as yourself TGIX would never stand for that and use it as a political wedge.


We are paying for welfare assholes right now so please tell me anyone that we are already not paying for deadbeats that suck the system such as my wife's cousin and his girlfriends sister?

you cannot force Americans to pay for there own insurance.

Yes we can! Hah!

And we DID!



You almost had me there in the first paragraph until you went completly off the deep end in the second one.

Thank you for playing. Please try again.


p.s. By the way, mental midgets need not apply. It's "their" not "there" moron. Now have a nice day! :-)

I doubt that TGIX. Oh by the

I doubt that TGIX. Oh by the how are you doing ok I hope. Is everything all healed up ok? Better be taking care of that heart.