This time the republican'ts really need to STFU and do the right thing for a change.


HMMMM last time I checked

HMMMM last time I checked TGIX the republicans were working with the democrats on this bill. But the democrats are saying FUCK YOU to the republicans. As far as the republicans and your STFU remark that is very anti American of you TGIX. Everyone has the right to disagree. Like it or not what you want to do is make it so that everyone cannot disagree and have to do whatever you want. If they do not fall in line with your way of thinking you want them thrown in jail. Or worse executed.

You're saying you have a different line of thinking than this?

That would figure

I see no denile.

I see no denile.

I see no spelling ability

Not at all occasionally either.

How did you ever graduate?

Ahh more insults TGIX well at

Ahh more insults TGIX well at least you are consistent. But I post about the republican getting attacked by some whackos and you cannot even bring yourself to say that was bad. Matter of fact I bet you laughed.