The Obama Ragime to regulate what you eat.


Now comes the food police. You will no longer be allowed to eat what you want. Obama and his Ragime we can call it that now will regulate how much sodium goes into food. He Obama do  you not know we have salt shakers on our tables. We know have the dumbest president ever in the history of the United States.


The federal government reportedly plans to push the food industry to cut the amount of salt Americans consume -- eventually setting legal limits for sodium in processed foods. Do you think the government should regulate what we eat?


Then explain why

if this is such a bad move, please explain why then more than 70% agree with Obama and disagree with you.

Really 70 percent huh. Well

Really 70 percent huh. Well then show me that 70% agree with him.


But lets say 70 percent say they want less salt in there prepared foods. Well let me say this first if you are buying prepared foods you are an idiot anyway. But still Obama is taking a choice away. Regardless if it is good intentions or not one less freedom even if 70 percent agree. If they agree then let a company produce food that so that those 70 percent can enjoy it. But for those 30 percent then let them buy what they want. Choices is that not what you far left liberal democrats want TGIX?

There are good choices and there are bad choices

When the bad choices of a few, such as the producers in this case, affect the many in a very negative manner then I do believe it is time for government to step in. The health costs that are directly attributed to the gross abundance of salt are ginormous.

Whether you like it or not, there Are going to be times when the will of the people, expressed through their governmental representation, Will regulate for the better of all when lack of regulation is abused. It has been abused by the banking institutions on Wall Street and it has been abused by the food producers in these cases. Why would ANYONE be against better health for all who eat these foods including those who are aware of what they're getting into by ingesting so much salt As Well As Those Who Are Not?

Why WOULD you Not be in favor of better health for all?

It's Simple Really

A short list of reasons for TGIX:

I don't think it is right for the government to force people to pay for this insurance if they don't want it.

If people want the better things in life they should have to work for them. I went to college to make a better life for myself which included getting decent health insurance. I DEEPLY resent that people will be getting insurance based on entitlement and not through hard work.

We already have nationalized health plans called medicade and medicare, both of which are a massive mess. They're both heavily in debt and a large amount of doctors won't accept patients with medicade/care due to the headache of dealing with the system.  One could logically assume if the government messed up medicare and medicade there is no way in hell that this plan will be done correctly.

Do you really want the government to be able to access your personal medical records at anytime? I sure as hell don't want Obuma or any of his cohorts nosing around my personal business. You might not mind, but I do.

Would you like me to go on?  I could list ALOT more!

TGIX does not believe in

TGIX does not believe in freedom. He wants government to control every aspect of our lives. Ok lets take being gay. Being gay is a health hazard period and raises the cost of medicine and a burdon on society. More and more people are getting vaginal and prostate cancer of the mouth. Not to mention the hemorrhoid problems that incur because of anal sex. Stomach cancers that are normally attributed to genitals. Now under normal sex those cancers do not transfer over. Also you have people sticking stuff up there ass they shouldn't and that cost money at the emergancy room. My cousin is a x ray tech and she says you would not believe what people stick up there ass and the doctors have to operate to get it out. Snakes, bottles, gerbils surprised PETA has not thrown a fit about that one coke bottles she says it is really fucked up and the medical staff has running jokes about. What is sad she says it is the same people all the time.

So since TGIX thinks that reducing salt will save on medical bills then he should be consistent and demand that being gay and that anal oral sex be outlawed. Also what about STDs? All sex unless you are married should be outlawed. Hey you better get a condom or you are going to jail.

What are You Babbling About?

"Being gay is a health hazard period and raises the cost of medicine and a burdon on society".

You're kidding me right? How are gay people anymore health hazardrous than heterosexual people? Thats a homophobic statement with no real basis in fact. Women perform oral sex on male partners and straight couples engage in anal sex as well(married or not). Striaght men and women use sex toys and other obejects, its the idiots who don't keep them clean that end up picking up a virus. I also do work for Dr's offices alot of the people who call with things stuck inside them claim to be hetreosexual.

Actual facts point out that African American males are the fastest growing section of the population when it comes to acquiring STD's. I'd love to see one of your homophobic rants directed toward the African American culture, you'd be run off these boards in short order. 

The government has no business what so ever telling people how they can or cannot have sex! Sarah Palin's daughter is proof that preaching abstience and post marital sex just don't work.  I hate to burst your bubble, but your ideas are outdated or plain wrong.

Sure being gay is unhealthy.

Sure being gay is unhealthy. But sure lets expand that to heterosexuals that perform oral sex and get cancers of the mouth and stomach that are associated with genitals or STDs of the mouth. Or the ladies that like anal the hemorrhoid problems they have. and the cost to society. Not that I really care what they do but if you are going to make the argument about salt you can make the argument about these. The holy grail of liberals ya every health cost to society they love to throw at you. Until you hit there holy grail.


They want to control suger salt fat but when you bring that stuff up it is taboo.

You know nothing

The kind cancers you're talking about are generally genetic and are rarely associated with sexual activities.  'Roids are usually caused by poor diet, and are rarely caused by sexual intercourse.  

Why the federal government wants to control what you eat

It’s worse than you think. The government is currently defending a case in a federal court in Iowa and contends that Americans have NO rights about what they want to eat or what they eat. Incredible? Conspiracy theory? No, it’s true …

Why the federal government wants to control what you eat

Please read it and pass it on to everyone you know. They may be surprised to learn that the federal government now thinks it has the power to tell us what we can and cannot eat!

Holy shit talk about being

Holy shit talk about being the mad scientist thinking mankind cannot control his own destiny. Glad these bumbs will be thrown out.