Driving like you have nowhere to go?

We have several lanes on the freeway for a purpose right? Well, I'm wondering who in their right mind would get into their far left lane otherwise known as the  "fast lane" only to drive below the speed limit. Hello Mcfly? There are 3 lanes to your right in perfect position to serve your less than average driving speed habits. We would all LOVE for you to switch that lane and be on your slow and steady way.  Also, do you ever look in your rear-view mirror and see that you are holding up 5+ cars because you can't push the pedal to the medal? Let's make life a little bit less stressful for all of us and MOVE, b*tch!


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You think that is bad. We

You think that is bad. We have 2 lanes going up the mountains and people get in the passing lane and go slow. So you have to get over to the right lane to pass and when there are 2 vehicles one likes to get in the passing lane so you cannot pass. It is really irritating.