"I'm calling" and "how are you?" and commercials with talking inaninate objects!


It drives me insane when...

*Someone calls a radio station, gets on the air and says, "Yeah, I'm calling."  and then goes into what they want to say.  Duh!  If you weren't calling you wouldn't be on the phone!!!

*Someone calls a radio station and either the host or the caller says, "How are you?" but the other party doesn't answer, they go into what they want to say instead.

*When a caller gets on the air and talks about their family/relatives they take on a tone of exceeding importance when they say, "my <insert family member here> is this; did that".

I can't stand commercials where an inanimate object is supposed to be talking to someone.

I can't stand it when a commercial starts with a conversation between two people and they list a bunch of talking points about a product that the other person should already know, but it's for the benefit of selling the product to the listener.


Radio/TV Station Talk Shows

How about the TV Talk-Shows, expecting the public to join-in, yet [IE- CSpan morning talk shows] where the engineers/host fail to provide an on-screen indication, of where the current caller is located; nor an indication of who/where the next caller, in the que, is located.

If they were to do this, more people would be able to participate, since the interchanges would go a lot smoother. As the next person, hopefully, would be prepared to decrease the volume of their TV,  just prior to  their coming on-line live.

What about the people  [typically on local radio Trading/Selling venues], who have to go into a long-winded disertation, not even closely related to whatever they're wanting to trade/buy/sell.  And, of course, the distortion/feedback ,which also occurs here.