Parents who don't parent their own children!

Parents who don't parent their own children stupefy me!  If you have a child, do society the courtesy of actively parenting that child!


They would rather be there

They would rather be there best friend then a parent. Besides if you spank your kid in a grocery mart when the kid is throwing a fit because he wants something someone is going to call the cops.

Welcome to the New America

Where no one has take responsibility for thier own lives.

No health insurance?  You don't have to work for or earn it, the government will give it to you for free all you have to do is sit on your fat fanny all day.

No intention of even trying to find a job? The Government will give you money for doing absolutely nothing! Motivated people have to suffer looking for jobs, drug tests, and *gasp* actually working! Welfare lifers just have to visit the welfare office every so often and complain about doing  that.

Why take care of your kids? The government will do that too!  We have social services, foster families (who are paid), day care, and schools that all take the burden off actually interacting with your kids.

What ever happened to people taking pride in being self sufficent? The World is right when they say we've become a bunch of unmotivated and fat @SSe$.  What an embarassment this country has become.


Spanking has been proven to promote violence


and it was just exposed once again in a study examined in the news a couple of days ago.

You want a child who is kind, understanding, educated...?

When I want pitcher full of good clean water than than that is what I fill it with. Fill a child with anger and hate, inflict physical pain, and you have spanked yourself another you. You're own self hatred, having been spanked, is passed on thereby perpetuating the cycle of violence. And what good comes of that? None, nothing, never. It's all bad. You can stop it though. All you have to do is not physically abuse minors. And of course stop trying to justify that cowardly behavior and even attempting to recruit others to do the same. It's sick. It's wrong. It's wrong that it happened to you but that is no reason to do it to others. It is abusive and it does not work. That is proven by the fact that you want minors to be hit by adults they are defenseless against. Combine that with the proven fact that it does not teach anything execpt for one thing, and that is violence. It teaches that violence by adults against defenseless children is acceptable or even the right thing to do. That is all it does. Nothing more and Nothing Less. It is a crime. Why perpetuate it when you can do what you claim to want to do, that is to do good, by simply stopping? Then you would be a good person. To continue the violence only proves you still have not learned better. Learn better. Then you can help others. Until then, you are hurting others.

Try this next time

you're in the grocery mart and your kid wants something so they throw a fit - this time you reason with the child, teach them, show compassion that you can't have everything that you want but that is OK. It works.

Something I saw other parents doing worked so well that I had to do it and it worked like magic. The child in question is about 2 and reaches for and grabs and clutches refusing to let go just about anything that they want in the store and they'll scream and pitch a fit second to none when you try and wrestle it from their little paws etc. etc.  - - - No more. While pointing at the shelf space where the product was taken from simply say "this is it's home. Let's put it back and wave bye bye." OMG! Works like Magic!! I understand why it does only it'd take a long time to explain. Just know that it works and it's amazing and will not make your child grow up gay if that is what your worried about. LOL!!!!! There just are far better ways than beating a child into submission. Submission is never a decent goal in the first place. Teaching works.

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

That's cool. My kids new not

That's cool. My kids new not the throw a fit in the store. Never had a problem with it. When they were very small and they would pick something up at the house that they were not supposed to they would get there hands slapped. Did not have to slap hard just the shock of getting there hands slaps was enough. The tears would begin but only after about 3 or 4 times they never touched another thing.


As far as spanking ya I got it in the spanked did me a world of good to. I would rather get the punishment over in a few seconds then get grounded for a week. Still hated it but it worked.

What I DId

When one of my kids refused to put something back I simply took it away from them and if they threw a fit I took them out to the car and let them vent there.  If they didn't calm down in the car they were taken home and punished in whatever fashion was appropiate for that child. Furthermore the next time we went shopping he or she didn't get to go.

I also found that whenever we went shopping that giving them a few bucks to spend cut down on the tantrums. For example, when going grocery shopping we'd give each kid $5 to spend for snacks for the week, it taught them money spending skills and cut down on the tantrums.

Here's the Deal!!

I was born in the 60's and was grew up in  the 70's and 80's.

I learned from good parenting that I got plenty of good spankings when I acted out!!  I got my mouth washed out with soap when I talked back to my parents.'

In the long run..I turned out to be a pretty good adult because my parents taught me right from wrong and I continue that same thing with my own children.  I don't beat them..but a good spank on the rear end every now and then teaches them to listen.  They talk back and a good piece of soap on their front teeth teaches them to not talk back again.

The thins is...children need to know rules and regulations from their parents!!  Parents that refuess to parent...well..then there's no excuse when all of a sudden your kids get into  trouble.

Growing up in the 70's and 80's..funny how we never had these problems.


why did you give birth?

Seriously, with enough mess in the world, someone inadequate and unfit to raise a child has thought that it may have been a good idea at the time. Now, their children run loose, unparented and doing god knows what in the world. On the other hand, there are few exceptions. With that, it's truly unfair for those children to have to live a life with an unfit parent. Perhaps a little slapping around wouldn't hurt one, for long.

I still remember the times where I would come home to a beating. Nevertheless, I had great parents that backed all that beating up. All in all, I'd say I turned out to be a pretty damn good person.

Take care of your kids!!! They wil be the ones responsible for taking care of us in our old age....scary, ey?!

It is a necessity to take

It is a necessity to take responsibility of our own kids but we can also never deny the fact that  sometimes parents really do not care about it.. Well, let us turn the wheel into another thing..Domestic adoption is one area we don't see many celebrities doing; nonetheless that is precisely what Sandra Bullock is finalizing. It is not that movie stars don't adopt American born kids, it's just that when they adopt from foreign countries we seem to notice a great deal more news over it. Sandra Bullock and her partner Jesse James started the process of adoption years ago, however the procedure is just now being completed. The twist to this story; Sandra is actually adopting the child as a single mother, showing the world her and Jesse won't be staying together in the end.