DRM Sucks Arse



I posted this last night without explaination.

DRM is software and/or hardware that is designed to prevent people from using, altering, or distributing content in a way that a owner doesn't approve of.

The article is about Ubisoft which has decided that in order to play a game that you MUST be connected to the internet at all times or the game will become unplayable. Keep in mind that we are not talking about online games like World or Warcraft, but single players games like Sonic the Hedgehog. The problem is that if your internet connection is down that you can't play and if Ubisoft's servers are down you can't play.   It remains to be seen what will happen to these games if Ubisoft goes out of business or they cease to support any of the DRM infected games.

I can understand and appreciate publishers wanting to protect the content they provide, but is DRM the way to go? I don't think it is.  The hackers and pirates are going to or already have cracked this DRM, so only honest consumers will have to put up with this inconvient scheme. I wouldn't even mind if this was a once a month check but asking someone to be connected 24/7 to play a game is overkill to me.

Apparently the software industry hasn't been paying attention otherwise they would see that consumer depises DRM and will avoid media that employs it. What didn't work for the RIAA won't work for the software companies. 

Another thing that angers me is that there is no law or regulation saying that software must be labeled as including DRM so consumer can decide to buy this crapware or not. In most places you can't return games, DVD's, Software, or CD's once they have been opened so if someine gets a DRM'ed disk they are stuck with it, its only fair to have this software labeled as containing DRM.

In closing, DRM does nothing but punish honest citizens, pirates simply find a way around it. Ubisoft and its Ilk need to figure out ways to protect content in a different way or they risk losing a crapload of customers like myself.

I hate ubisoft what games do

I hate ubisoft what games do you play rkinne. You play Battlefield 2 or Battlefield Bad Company 2?


I'm playing Bio Shock 2 and Star Trek Online