3D HDTV a fad?


Wow those TV's are expensive plus its $150 per set of glasses to get started! People are paying $2400 for the TV plus another $750 for a family of 5 to watch movies in 3-D! Oh and you will have to buy a new Blu Ray Machine to play 3D movies.

I just don't see alot of people buying these things, its an expensive novelty that I think most people will pass on. The bad econpmy will keep most people not wanting to part with over three grand especially those who have already invested in big screen HDTV's over the last three or four years.

The glasses don't look comfortable to wear for a long movie and I also wonder how people with eyeglasses are going to be able to watch.

How could you have a party? Ask everyone to bring a dish and have $150 to watch the game?

Finally Cable and Satellite companies aren't broadcasting in 3D and I have not seen many Blu Ray movies in the stores yet.



The people who can only afford that kind of luxury are the ones that won’t need to worry about their financial stability. In any downturn in the economy, there are going to be more bankruptcy filings than normal - that's the way things work. It isn't only for people who experience job loss and can't keep up on underwater mortgages, either - some of the largest businesses and companies have filed as well. Chrysler, GM, and Six Flags all filed for bankruptcy, GM and Chrysler asked for payday advances from the government to float them - and got them. So did Wall Street. What does this mean? Well, the big one is that you've to budget and spend smartly all the time. You can't take on excessive debt and maintain reckless practices.

It's True

You're right, I've changed the way I use money since the recession has hit.  My new mantra is that if I don't have the cash on hand for it then I can't afford it, no more buy now and pay high interest rates later. We've cut back on some of our "luxuries" (cut back on cable, not eating out as often, renting movies instead of going to the theater) to help pay off debt.

I think that even if i had a spare three grand to blow, I wouldn't buy one of these sets.  I've seen a few 3D movies recently (Avatar, Alice) and didn't think 3D added much to the experience.  The glasses were one size fits all and not at comfortable, made no difference if I was wearing my eyeglasses or if i was wearing contact lenses.  I also find it took a long time to get used to the 3D images and that I had a headache after the movies were over. 

I will get one after my LCD

I will get one after my LCD tv dies. Besides there is technolegy coming that is a 3d enviroment without the glasses. Want to see?


http://unigine.com/download/ Click on that link and download that it is amazing. Be warned you need a high end video card to run it.