The Tea Party

I don't agree with much of what they say but I think we really would benefit from this party becoming a national power on the politcal scene. Why you ask? 

I think the Tea Baggers would be the slap in the face that the Democrats and Republicans need for them to finally perform. Can't we all agree that both parties aren't doing whats right for THE PEOPLE? Republicans and Democrats both serve thier own interests or those of the lobbiest who pay them off, voters only come into mind when its time for re-election.

I think its time to remind Congress and The White House who the bosses are, electing a few tea baggers would send a nice message.


Me and Walter have been

Me and Walter have been saying that both parties have let the American people down. Why do you think congress is only at 13 percent approval rating. We do not need another party what we need is one party to step up to the plate not break the bank and do what is right for America.

You think times are bad now. You just wait. Our respect around the world has crumbled in the last year. Don't believe me look at the polls.They think Obama is a joke and they know that what the democrats and Obama are doing will bring the world down economically. China will emerge as the world power and we will be a Banana republic. What makes us unique will be gone. We left Europe because of this kind of stuff the democrats are doing. We will no longer be America but some shitty European country. The military will be in bad shape Obama has cut funding for the military. Now TGIX or SQ will post some website saying he actually increased it. Well that is a lie. Because Obama has made the Pentagon take funds out of the military to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also the democrats are a bunch that cannot be trusted. We have not seen a President like this since Jimmy Carter.


How I know this they were for the Afghanistan war when Bush was president but now they have all 3 houses they are against it. They want out period. They just used both those wars as political footballs. Terrorist are more brazen now because they do not fear Obama and America.

Nothing but more fear mongering from the republican'ts

The real wonder is why anyone would want to be associated with those obstructionists, the party of "no".

Funny how the mad one argues

Fact: Since we threw the republican't out of the White House Obama's administration has had VASTLY more success both killing and capturing top Al Queda leaders. Bush was an inept moron and Cheney has FINALLLLLY been shut the f up. Such buffoons...

It is also true that success has a thousand fathers while failure is an orphan but you would be 100% out of touch with reality if you think our sucess now, under Obama's leadership is yours to steal so I forewarn you, do not even attempt it. Some people need to know when to just step aside and shut their hole already. We are moving forward. Get onboard or please do leave - Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

I think I'll choose option 4: Obstruction.

Obama isn't doing this nation any good and is dragging it down faster than Bush ever did.  Impeachment is in order.

I agree and TGIX is fucking

I agree and TGIX is fucking liar. Under Bush we never were attacked on our own soil after 9-11. Since Obama has been President Americans have died on our own soil. The Democrats are finished through done cya in November TGIX when the democraps get there ass kicked. Americans are pissed and the democrats are going to lose the house and have good chance losing the senate. Luckily the way they are doing it if the republicans take over they can kill this thing by just not funding it.

This is my country to TGIX and I can say whatever I want about Obama and there is nothing you or the government can do a fucking thing about it. Obama is a fucking coward. A socialist pig along with the rest of the democraps. You think people are pissed now you wait until November when you get your ass kicked. This is just beginning of a new American Revolution. Except this one will be at the ballot box. I cannot wait.


So I say this to you TGIX I am not getting on board you and your party can fuck off. We will win again we will lead this country back to the way it should be. I will work to get every person that does vote to register republican and have there voice heard.


Your fucking party is  fucking joke a bunch of socialist pigs. I cannot wait until the day Nancy Polosi is done finished I hate that fucking bitch she one ugly fucking hag.

I am going to say this to you

I am going to say this to you rkinne. The republican voter is just as responsible for this mess as the democrats for staying home the last election. The Tea Party if they split you can bet on there will be more of this. Republicans lost there way the last 6 years by spending like well no the democrats are far worse at spending then the Republicans. The republican leaders that did not support McCain and said it would be better to let Obama be President then to vote for McCain I have just as much distaste for them as I do democraps.

Its not so simple

This mess we're in is caused by the politicians (be they Republican or Democrats), lobbiests, and voters.

Personally I place most of the blame on voters. Its the voters who elect and re-elect congress men, who allow the shady backroom dealings in the Senate and House, and other crap.  Elections aren't about electing the right persons, its about who's face voters see the most on TV, and the politicians know it.

How can anyone argue with such an

eloquent and well supported arguement as that?






Well TGIX we shall see in

Well TGIX we shall see in November. Your just trying to get me to go off again it wont work. Everyone sees through you. That you are a idea log no matter what the democrats do you will support it. Even if they round up everyone in this county that does not agree with them tie there hands behind there back and shoot them in head.