Good bye Charlie Rangle.

About time this pig and most corrupt politicians resigned his posts. To bad to I wished he would have stayed would have made great fodder. Tax cheating son of bitch. How can democrats ask for more taxes and then cheat themselves. That is worse then the catholic preacher preaching god and then molesting children. The charges are serious and he will be prosecuted.


The House ethics committee issued Rangel a formal "admonishment" last Thursday for accepting donations from a private corporation to pay for two trips to Caribbean. The ethics panel has not yet weighed in on a host of other probes it launched into the congressman's conduct starting in 2008. Those ethics complaints include his failure to pay taxes on a villa in the Dominican Republic, his use of congressional stationary to help raise money for City College of New York and his improper storage of a broken-down Mercedes Benz in a House garage. 

Rep. Artur Davis, D-Ala., on Tuesday became the first member of the Congressional Black Caucus to demand that Rangel resign as Ways and Means chairman.

We can only hope he goes the way of Duke Cunningham.