Teachers who have sex with students.


3 teachers and 2 staff were dismissed last week for having sex with a 16 year old girl at Pendleton County High School in Franklin WV. No charges have been filed because the county sqaushed it. They just let them resign. You will see no news stories on it because it will be buried and just let go.



While the teachers/staff were wrong and the story should be put out there and not just swept under the rug, I am wondering also, was the girl perhaps mentally impaired, so as to not know what she/they were doing ? If not, then what does that say about that 16 yr old girl to have sex with 5 adults. She sounds a little slutty, and not to minimize what the adults did, because after all, they knew better, but someone should be counseling that girl also about the promiscuity. No matter how many adults it was, it was  again wrong on the part of the adults, but if she was aware of what was going on and she consented, even as a minor, theres something to be said for her behavoir as well. The adults should be held accountable, absolutely,  but  didn't she know better also??

These Teachers are Adults!!

What is WRONG with teachers these days that will take advantage of students in the first place?  I don't care if the minor is promiscuous....mentally impaired, etc!!  These teachers that are trying to get away with these sorts of things DO NOT belong in the school system teaching students as they're supposed to be role models!!

How far do the school systems go regarding doing background checks on these teachers that have no problems have sex with their students?  In many cases..after these cases are looked into...they find that many of these teachers have shady backgrounds..yet they're allowed to be role models for our children??!

Brings to mind that college professor that went AWOL because she didn't get tenure..and then flipped out and shot people when in reality...had they done a more thorough background check...she'd done something like that before!!  The woman was a nutcase and they allowed her to be a role model for students..when she didn't get what she wanted..she went postal...which was ALL in her past records as she'd done it before!!


I live in the most corrupt

I live in the most corrupt county in America. About 10 year ago Ferlin Heavner a school teacher here was sent to Jail for molesting little boys. The gutless bastard would not turn the others in. This was not a national news story and should have been. Not the same school but it happened in the the same county and school district.

I'll tell you...

when I read or hear about something like that, it just irks pisses me off. .Where the hell do these people, (pedophiles, scum, call them what you will) get off doing those things to others? I don't always believe that it is because the predator was molested as a child themselves, or something like. I have to remind myself what the "professionals" say, that the molestation and rape is a crime of hate for the most part and not of the sexual act itself. BULLSH** !!!

My boyfriend says that if that if he was the dad of a victim of that kind of crime, he would gladly bail the scum out of jail, if he could and make sure he/she does not make it to trial. I am sure alot of people feel that way.

No Excuse!!

These people that do horrible things like this...there is no excuse as to whether or not they were abused as children...are angry adults...etc.  The thing is..THEY ARE ADULTS AND KNOW HOW TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES!!  Taking advantage of innocent children is sick and wrong and these people should be put away for the rest of their lives!!

Brings to mind all those sick priests out there that molested little boys!!  These are people we TRUSTED our children with.  Role models that we encouraged our children to look up to!!  The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach and these priests don't belong preaching the word of God in our churches much less having access to our children!!

What is wrong with society these days making excuses for these people anyway??  They should be hung out to dry from the highest tree available!!

It's Horrible When..

It's horrible when you have to teach your children not to trust anyone..not even their teachers as young kids are sooo impressionable!!

My daughter came home from school a few weeks ago wearing an expensive high school jacket that she said her math teacher had given her because she had brought her grade up from a D to a B.  We have the money to buy her the jacket..but try to teach our children that they can't have everything!!

I was immediately on the phone with this teacher and he simply told me that he awards all his students with nice things when they meet certain goals that they set for themselves.  Shortly after that I was in his office throwing the jacket back in his face telling him that there was no way he was going to "buy" our daughter good grades and that he should leave it up to the parents to reward their children!!

The male teacher actually had the audacity to tell me that he has a reward system in place in his classroom including class rings, expensive school sweatshirts, jackets, etc...with a point system in place when a child reaches their goals.

In my opinion..this is sick and wrong!!  After speaking with many parents..they told me that their children absolutely adore this teacher as their kids tell them he treats them like human beings...meets with them after class to discuss their goals, etc. and that he's sooo cool!!

I spoke with the principal about this and he didn't find anything wrong with it!!  I expressed my concerns that this teacher was just reeling these impressionable kids in and it was just asking for trouble.  The principal told me that he has no record of ever sexually abusing these children..and was one of the best teachers they had.

I am just livid that this teacher gets away with this!!


In Heavners case he was never

In Heavners case he was never molested what pissed me off he taught my daughter in grade school.

They couldn't press charges

In most states the age of consent is 16, if thats the case there the teachers broke ethical boundries and not any laws.


do you know for a fact the teacher you so disparage is not merely helping students by making himself likeable so they want to learn from him? I haven't heard one iota of evidence against him and you already have him drawn and quartered. C'mon now people, have we lost all our senses? Remember "trust but verify"? How about "innocent until proven guilty?" Or how about good old fashioned reason. It's good to have a dose of it every once in a while there friend. It may come as a shock to you, as I know it shocks a lot of people, but there truly are some decent folk out there in the world. Some of them actually care about the future, know that kids are the future, and will go out of their way to help them achieve to their highest ability. I know because I do. I know because my mother taught for 30 years. I know because I've had many a fine teacher in my time and while not a one of them was ever innappropriate with a student ever in their lives to this day, several have been outstanding with after school help to students one on one when they need it. That includes my mother so many times I would not even fathom a guess except to say I am certain it was in the hundreds if not thousands over her career. And if any one would dare even suggest that she was innappropriate merely because of her caring, her interest in the childrens' best interest, that person will have damned himself to hell. My mother has never even had so much as a parking ticket in her entire life. You would be an ass. So what's your beef with teachers who care, you automatically assume they are up to something bad? That's sick. That means you would only approve of teachers who don't care, teachers who don't try and have their students look up to them so these teachers will be able to effectively do their job, to teach? Is that what you want? You want only bad teachers because you think they won't ever rape? Wowwwwwwwwwwwwww Think about that. Really, think about what you are saying.


My question is...how in the world is a child going to get through life if they aren't encouraged that it's just about hard work..and not someone giving them expensive rewards just to get there.  To me, I came from the school of hard knocks.  You work hard for something because it's something you're passionate about..not just because someone holds an expensive jacket over your head and tells you to reach for it.

I guess that's why everyone in the corporate world these days is just concerned about the money.  It has nothing to do with good service to their customers..nothing to do with putting out a good product..it's all about that gold ring being held over their heads!!  Doesn't matter how your customers are treated as long as that all mighty buck comes in and you can buy a bigger house on the hill!!



livid that a teacher gets away with being one of the best

one the best the pricipal has ever had and for that reason you are livid that he gets away with reaching out to students so they will do better and improve their grades as you even mention yourself?.... I mean, wow.

I am having a difficult time believing that this conversation is even taking place. Is it just me folks? someone else please chime in. I mean are we really to the point of such mass hysterical paranoia that we would rather have bad teachers, ones who are distant from their students, cold, impersonal... get the picture? Really? Have we come down so terribly far into the depths that we are at that point? I hope not. I like to think there are more of us who keep our wits about us despite the seemingly daily reports of abuse. One must Always keep in consideration out of four BILLION people, there will be a lot that the press can sensationalize as they will and do every day for profit, a bundle of it. And while that happens, there are of course real and horrible cases that they are capitalizing on only these are tiny in number compared to other criminal matters that affect as many as millions such as scams that have wiped out the entire Life Savings of so many. These crimes are just as obscene if not more so when you consider the hard cold facts of how much suffering is caused. And yet we are human and emotional people driven so greatly by matters of sex and so we boost those cases to a level and it's fine that they are given such attention, we just need to keep our wits about us. Witch trials is just what I see being condoned here. A teacher with a stellar record and you fault him for his effectiveness... You sound as though you're quite actually ready to lead a lynch mob. You really might want to reconsider man. Get SOLID proof first, then I'd even carry the torch myselfd but not until then. There are too many actual good teachers who care and demonstrate it and the kids liking them and learning more is only a bad thing if it's a cover for something sinister. Bad news travels Ten Times faster than good news. That old saying is fact. It is the reason some may have a fear of a teacher who is in any way human with their child student. I get that. But it's wrong. I get why some might suspect. That however is not the same as fearing, or accusing. Let's keep our wits about ourselves in these difficult times and we shall be the better for it.

TGIX did you misspell something?

livid that a teacher gets away with being one of the best
Submitted by TGIX on Sun, 03/28/2010 - 9:24pm.

one the best the pricipal has ever had and for that reason you are livid that he gets away with reaching out to students so they will do better and improve their grades as you even mention yourself?.... I mean, wow.


There is a complete difference between being a good teacher...and being the sort of teacher that gets good grades out of his students just by providing rewards!!

The best teachers I ever had in school were good at teaching because they rewarded their students with PRAISE!!  They were good teachers because they actually excited their students with the way they presented LEARNING!!

How many of us can think back to high school days where you looked forward to a class from a teacher that actually was FUN to LEARN from..and hated those classes where a teacher just droned on and on (waa..waa.waaaa..waaa....waaa...like the Charlie Brown teacher..) as we doodled on our notebooks and tried hard not to fall asleep..lol.

Kids these days have different outlets (including laptop computers where they can chat back and forth with each other.."God..this teacher is sooo boring"...cell phones that they can text back and forth..etc.).

I still stand strong on my opinion that you need to teach your children to be passionate about something and work hard for it.  Someone holding that gold ring over your head might be great..but to me..it just creates greed.

I See Everyone Missed My Post

There are no charges to be filed becuase this girl was 16 which is the legal age of consent in most states, unless this girl was sexually assualted then there is nothing the police can do it about it. The Charges weren't "squashed" as there were no legal gounds to even file charges. I'm not saying what these men or women did was moral but it wasn't illegal.

These teachers were just

These teachers were just simply maniac. Terrible that they should be reported to sex rehabilitation center.Maybe Tiger Woods got the idea to run around on his wife from one of his exes. It turns out he used to date Leann Rimes, who herself was a notorious adulteress. You know, if you aren't prepared to stay faithful to somebody you should not get hitched, or date at all – period. It isn't as if this really is THAT hard, either. I hope both of them end up running for payday cash advances if either gets in a divorce. Dante maintained that the deepest circle of Hell was reserved for betrayers.

I'm surprised it's not as

I'm surprised it's not as common in college but i suppose older professors just aren't as young as high school teachers. Now kids are off getting fake documents for nearly any subject they want

Poor kids...

I feel so bad for those impressionable young boys that get seduced by their smokin' hot, blonde teachers.  We had a name for guys like that in High School... "Lucky Bastard'!

Too Liberal, Too Easy

Public schools are too liberal and too easy these days.  We need to find a way to reinstate the older, tougher, retired teachers.  At least have them be subsitutes.  I hate newer teachers unless they are the kind that crack the walls screaming at inappropriate behavior.  I was lucky enough to have a number of these during my elementary, junior high, and high school years.  Some teachers dress as if they are a student.  Case in point, during hot weather, you see skimpy shorts, often covered by long shirts.  I think it is the teacher's fault and I also think that it is the teacher's lack of respect for the educational process that is supposed to be present in our nation's schools.  The purpose of an education is to reform the person and learn skills, logic, and right from wrong.  Some teachers just don't get it.  I feel very sorry for students in future years that have to heavily distracted from the educational process in public schools.  We need to be tougher on our students and fire these promiscuous teachers.  We should also stiffen the protocol/processes that it takes to be hired as a public school personnel staff.