Movies on VH1 and E!

Why are there movies on VH1 and E! channel? There are a million other channels for movies filled with commercials. I want to see anything BUT movies on these channels. It drives me crazy! Can't they come up with enough ideas for programming for these channels or something? They have to resort to playing re-run movies over and over and over? Sometimes that is exactly what they do too. They will play the same one movie over and over for one or two weeks, mostly on the weekend. It drives me nuts.



Specialty networks are a thing of the past

None of these channels offer what they are supposed to:

Sci-Fi Channel (I refuse to use the stupid new name): I'm sorry but WWE wrestling, Ghost Hunters, and James Bond are not Science Fiction and have no place on a channel that is supposed to show Sci-Fi programming.

MTV should be re-branded Real World Network as they haven't shown videos in years. Oh and by the way The Real World is BORING, time to come up with something new already.

VH1: Shows pretty much trashy TV. Flavor of Love and New York and prime examples.

I could list other networks who have gone down this trail, but I think you get the point. I just wish if these channels were changing format that they'd have the courtesy to let viewers know, if you're going to change from science fiction (ya hear me Sci-Fi Channel) then have the testicles to tell viewers rather than just doing and telling us to bad if you don't like it.

These networks need to start pulling their heads out their asses, consumers are fed up with over paying for programming they are not getting. I predict that cable TV subscriptions are going to start dwindling as more and more people find better alternatives like Netflix or Hulu.

I see myself streaming more and more content from I-Tunes and Netflix, eventually we'll not have any cable service at all. Screw the cable companies and the good for nothing networks they offer!