Survey Sites That Say No Way on PayDay.

It kills me when you join a nationally syndicated survey site that wants your undying loyalty and honesty when answering a bunch of stupid questions for multimillion dollar companies who pay them a pretty penny to hear your opinion and then when you reach your cash out threshold and request your money it takes another fifty years to get it. Dont get me wrong, I know there are far more serious problems in the world today but I do paid surveys while I am temporarily disabled to help with the bills. I actually make some good money but lately all of my sites that usually have a great rep have bottomed out and are giving us a hard time paying.  It is either two to three months longer than normal to get the check or pay pal transfer or they are just not paying all together and not answering emails or calls either. You sign a pledge to these sites to follow thier rules etc... when joining. They in turn pledge to follow their own rules and adhere to their ethics and values as well. It is so frustrating to take a month or so to get enough to cash out and then you cant even get what you earned due to technical difficulties or whatever the excuse is that week. Whats so ironic is that while they cant pay due to technical problems, they can still keep doing surveys.