I'm convinced that people who recline their seats on planes have never been reclined on themselves. If they had, they wouldn’t recline there damm seat! Should the airlines take out seats and make more room for passengers? Yes. Will they? No. So let’s all start being a little more courteous to your fellow passengers.

Especially those of us with laptops!



Being over six feet tall,

Being over six feet tall, every use of public transportation—air travel in particular—is an exercise in pain management. If reclining my seat is going to help me get through the flight in a little less agony, then I'm going to recline. If that means you have more difficulty using your laptop, then I am sorry, but really you should be taking your anger out on the airlines, not me. Typically my height precludes me from using a laptop on an airplane even if the person in front of me is sitting upright. So welcome to my world. Try reading a book, or maybe you should buy an iPad.

I see...

So what your saying is, I’m inconvenienced so let me pass that buck along to the next person and inconvenience someone else…. WOW

No, JBG, that's not what I'm

No, JBG, that's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying that I am in pain, not just "inconvenienced". And if reclining my seat helps relieve that pain, then I will do so. As I said, I am very sorry if this inconveniences you, but yes, if I have to put my pain relief over your minor inconvenience then I will do so. 

For what it's worth, I don't typically recline my seat anyway. However, often the person in front of me reclines, which makes my situation quite a bit worse. I try not to begrudge them their right to recline, but it hurts like hell. 

And yes, as far as the airlines are concerned, every passenger has a right to recline their seat. No one has a right to use a laptop. At least not in coach. That's why they have business class seats. 

In any case, my suggestion is that you complain to the airlines about providing more leg room, rather than complain about your fellow passengers who are simply trying to make the best of an uncomfortable situation. 

Good luck with that....

The Airlines have the worst customer service don't look for the seating to change anytime soon.


Try sitting on a flight from LA to London and the guy in front feels it is his right to let the seat all the way back BECAUSE OF HIS AGE! I am 6'8" and there was no POSSIBLE way I was gonna have HIS seat crammed on MY knees for 10 HOURS! I am respectful to the elderly, but that only goes so far! Usually, when I fly, I expressly ask for bulkhead seating or emrgency exit seating because THOSE seats have nothing BUT leg room. But that flight, I didn't pay for the seat and I was stuck with what they gave me (dang those military flights using commercial airlines to foil the IRA spies! The hardly EVER did anything against AMERICANS back then, we were safe! My KNEES on the other hand...

Sounds like you have a few

Sounds like you have a few inches on me, Walter, but I feel your pain. First thing I do when I check in at the airport is ask about emergency exit row seating. 

One of the many reasons I gave up on flying

One of the many reasons I gave up on flying.. along with the long waits, the new airport security checks where you practically gave to undress, the poor service, the lack of food service, and on and on!  Fortunately, I am not in a position where I have to travel anymore.

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Some passengers feel more

Some passengers feel more assertive and ready to the standard position of seats they sat on, even though there are recliners, they also thinks of uneasy situation relaxing in the mids of flight.


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