Get healthcare done

Matt Miller

This pet peeve is from the Friday, February 12, 2010 broadcast of Left, Right & Center on KCRW-89.9FM.

I am going to end on a depressing note. Healthcare. Why we still need to do this. The Democrats need to get their act together with some Republicans to support the Ted Kennedy/Mitt Romney plan.

It is still true today that the uninsured number of people are equal to the the population of 23 states in the country. If all these people and states were segregated into one area, then we would never let this happen.


I like my health insurance

I like my health insurance and I do not want anyone fucking it up. Especailly politicians who can't even run Social Security, medicare, medicaid. Why would anyone want them in charge of health care just so they can fuck it up?

Dude! No one is talking about

Dude! No one is talking about socialized medicine! They should be, but they're not. It was never on the table during this whole debate. The closest they got was the much maligned "public option" and that wouldn't have had any effect on your existing heath insurance. Not that it matters, since fear mongering from the right has killed that plan. There's nothing remotely "liberal" about any of the plans being discussed. 

Everyone is so scared of loosing the scraps they have that they are unwilling to make any changes which could lead to a better system. It's nothing more than fear and greed, and it shows the basest side of our nature. Your propagation of these senseless fears and unwillingness to take any risk for the greater good makes you partly responsible for our escalating healthcare costs, and for the millions of people who are uninsured or under insured in this country. Their suffering is blood on your hands.

For some reason SQ you do not

For some reason SQ you do not comfort me. This is a bad bill the republicans have great ideas and they have been shut out. Today the president didn't want to hear those ideas. How can you be bipartisan if you are not willing to listen and accept others ideas. The republicans had it correct they should pass those things they agree on and work on the others.