Video Gaming Raves

I am an avid gamer and there are some things that are driving me nuts about gaming.

1. Playing online when the server crashes right at a critical point in the game! You eventually get to log back in but all the progress you made is gone and you have to restart!

2. Gamers with an atitude really make me wanna throw my mouse across the room! I am refering to the gamers who think they are all that, who belittle new players (noobs), and refuse to help anyone unless they get something for it.  I enjoy finding these jerks and take them down a peg or two when I can,send them crying to to momma!

3. People who constantly talk trash while playing. Its hard to concentrate when some 40 year who lives in mom's basement is constantly boasting about his imagined greatness. It's a game Jethro not real life, get a job ya frickin leach.

4. Why is it that parents allow their kids play games they are clearly not mature enough to play?

5. Parents that don't care about the violent content of a game but get bent out of shape over language in a game. I was playing Call of Duty with a friend recently when some lady comes on and begins this rant about us cursing while her 10 year old son played the game. The game is clearly labeled to be for teens and not for 10 year old snots, so excuse me lady if I don't give a rat's but if you don't like the saucy language!

6. Spam in games, the chat for games is spammed so bad that its hard to have a decent conversation with the screen scrolling at warp speed from all the crap that spammers post.

7. People who want help leveling and expect you to drop everything you're doing to come help.

8. I'm tired of hearing some people who spew racist, homophobic, and sexist remarks the whole time they play. The worst part is that while most people don't condone these dolts they don't say anything against them.

9. I started playing Star Trek Online and hate players who team up with you but then won't fight, they stand and watch while you kick but or get yours kicked.  Grrr.

10. Finally, screw all the people who say video games cause people to become more violent as there is ZERO scientific proof that video games cause someone to become violent. I am no more likely to become violent after playing World of Warcraft than after reading War and Peace (long and boring book).


Hackers piss me off. I play a

Hackers piss me off. I play a lot of combat arms and the hackers are just horrible. Still have a .81 kdr though. If I was not killed by hackers it would be a lot higher.

How is that game STO I am

How is that game STO I am thinking about getting it but some of the graphics of the ships looked like shit.


The game is pretty good, its a mix of the Voyager shooter game a few years ago and Starfleet Command. Only thing I've not been happy with is the servers are crashing alot.  Let me know if you decide to sign up I'll help get started.