Food that costs a dollar

Why is that they are trying to kill us poor people with food that costs a dollar?  Its so tempting, so good and so in budget.  But its so greasy and bad for you!  I try not to but I'm hungry dammit!


Food That Cost a Dollar

I understand where you are coming from. I try to eat all natural food. Isn't it funny how good food is so expensive?  I am lucky we have an organic market here that sells all natural food at very good prices!

I do not do McDonalds anymore

I do not do McDonalds anymore I find there food disgusting same with Burger King. Nope it is Hardees for me. Ya they costs more but it is well worth it. Now saying that I only eat there maybe once a month. I am just not a big fan of eating out. Would rather eat me own cooking.

Cheap Food

Well at least vegetables and fruit are cheap!