Zombies- Am I the last one awake in So Cal!

Needless to say I'm from southern california- the land of beautiful people.  I know Im not hard on the eyes either but I'm seriously getting disillusioned on there being any real people in this haphazard part of the world.  Girls spend more time and hair and makeup and juding other girls hair and makeup than other any activity including thinking (yes it is an activity)  I think MAC has a brain cell eating diffusers that seep deep intp the temporal muscles and disables all cognitive thought. 

And the men, don't get me started on the men, bitching about how superficial all these dumb chicks are when unless you have an amzing rack, a perfectly smoky eye and a litttle slut in you they don't give you the time of day..  Their idea of romance is buying you drink and asking deep questions like- is that your real hair and thats a great dress.  They all one night stand eachother then are appalled when no one takes them seriously.  Walls are built so high they turn into zombies.

Please somebody tell me there is one other person that is awake.