What is With Healthcare???????????

Hey republicans and Democrats get your shit together. My family needs it, we want it and so do 47mILLION OTHERS. So what id it is not perfect. We'll figure ir out over time. Inflation is -2% and our premiums are going up 14% . Come on . All of our politicians are wimps while the rest of us suffer. This is BS.


The problem is this. Both

The problem is this. Both sides want to get to the same place. However they cannot agree on how to get there. My solution is this. Take the best 5 plans the democrats have and then take the best 5 plans the republicans have and merge them into one bill. But absolutely no public or single payer system it has been proven to be a disaster.

No, the REAL problem is this....

the peoples on the hill are unwilling to either give the rest of us THEIR style of coverage (that would be GREAT), or they start using OURS (HIGHLY unlikely, they would NEVER do that!). You know why? Because they believe they are 'owed' better health care, better homes, better EVERYTHING than us po' folk that only voted them into office. I always knew that America NEVER got rid of its royalty, but everyday, there is the proof. The Celebs in Hollywood only wish they had that much Royalty power!

You Walter I have government

You Walter I have government healthcare and these people will complain because of the stuff it wont cover. I say what the hell let them have it and when it fails blame them.