Bank Drive Thru


I went to cash my check yesterday and the worst service ever. I get to the bank 10 minutes before closing, there are other people  waiting ahead of me, and the lights are green indicating that the bank is still open. Fine.  So I wait for 10 minutes for my turn then pull up to the little station, grab the tube, sign my check, put everthing into the tube, and finally send the tube back to the teller. I wait another couple minutes when the tube finally comes back with my check uncashed. I pushed the teller button and ask why she didn't cash my check, she informed me that the bank was closed!  I told her that was BS then sent the tube back, check and all. We did this three times till I finally pushed the call button again and told her I wasn't going anywhere till she cashed my check! At this point I was PO'ed and asked for the manager and was informed (of course) that there was no manager there. She insisted that I return the tube thing to the station and I complied.  I took all my stuff outta the tube and set the damn thing on the ground, she came back on and asked me to place it in the machine to which I responded "I'm sorry but my door is already closed".

My Peeves are:

1. How long would it have taken her to just cash the frickin check?

2. If the Drive thru was closed then turn the lights from green to red!

3. Send the tubes back into the bank when you're done. I know they can do this, I've seen it done!

4. Why couldn't she have told me when I pulled up that she was closed?

5. Why is there NEVER a manager around when one is needed?


CS has really gone down hill everywhere.......

Nice come back!

I love it!!

Way to go on putting the thing on the ground!! 

It would have only taken her 5 minutes to cash the check..and seeing that you were waiting in line all that hours being closed or not..she should have cashed your check!

In addition..when you drove up for your turn..why didn't she get on the mic and tell you that bank hours were closed?  Instead..she lets you put your check into the tube..and takes the trouble to send it back to you UNCASHED??

What a bunch of bogus!!