Talking the talk but not walking the walk.....

Is it just me or does it bother anyone else  to see pro-American and national pride type bumper stickers on BMW’s, Mercedes and other foreign cars?


Buy American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey ,it's not just pride. It is survival. If you don't buy American don't be proud. If we have not learned from this last recession...then keep buying products from Germany, China and India. What do we produce in the US? Friggin Wall street bankers who collect our fees. Come on people wake UP! I am not excusing the bad products from Detroit but some of them are pretty good.

So I should be a free-market

So I should be a free-market capitalist, but only when it comes to products made by domestic companies? Is that the general idea?

Buying an American car, just because its an American car, isn't a symbol of national pride. It's an acknowledgment of inferiority. There are many American ideals which are worth being proud of (a few of them we even live up to... sometimes). If a product is worthy of that pride then people will by it on its own merits. 

What is considered American Made These days?

Yeah Ford cars are assembled here in the states but most of the parts come from other countries so I ask are they still American made cars?  Nissan builds automobiles here in the US, they are assembled by American hands but are they American made? If we decide that Ford is more American than the Nissan cars being built here in the US what happens to the thousands of hard working Americans employed by Nissan when we stop buying those vehicles?

I like the idea you propose but its not quite that simple as it was 40 years ago. I would love to buy 100% US made products but its simply not practical anymore, the products are just too difficult for people to research.

I have always owned American

I have always owned American cars. I will tell you I have enjoyed everyone of them. I got a Cavalier 8 years ago I got 300,007 miles before it finally died. If I would have taken care of it and changed the oil every 3000 miles instead of 8000 it would have lasted me 600,000 miles. I own 2 Cheverlet vehicles now. Before they became government vehicles I love them. I have a Chevy Cobalt I use to drive to work and a 4 door Chevy Silverado. I looked at the Toyato trucks and other foreign trucks. But the Chevy by far was the best of all them. It has way more room onstar is great and the traction control is the best.

Toyota quality you can believe in.

NEW YORK ( -- Toyota Motor Sales USA is recalling 2.3 million vehicles to correct a problem that could cause the vehicles' gas pedals to stick.

This new recall is separate from an on-going recall of 4.2 million Toyota and Lexus vehicles to correct a problem in which the pedals could become stuck under a loose floormat.


This new recall is to correct a situation in which the gas pedal could stick without the presence of a floor mat.

Get over it. The name of the co. means Nothing cars r made HERE

Your car is by no means UN-American merely because it might happen to sport a foreign car manufacturer's name. Mine is on the list (see the link below). You would think it was made here. My last three vehicles before my Rav4 were all Plymouth and Dodge but not one piece of any of them was made here. The motors were from Mitsubishi and the rest was from Mexico and assembled in Canada. But my Toyota I have now was made of parts made in in the US, with US union labor, and it's just all screwed up anymore. One may have perfectly good intentions (I did when buying the Plymouth and Dodges) and it's either what we expect or not and even changes from one model to another within the same manufacturer so if you want a particular Toyota your choice may or may not be made here. Be prejudice and you could easily find you did exactly what you so despise. That sure would suck and I gaurantee it's been done many times. It happened to me. I thought Plymouth - That's American! Dodge - That's American! Don't be fooled. Research the model you consider buying because you never know where it's made no matter what the name plate on it is.

I Ask Once More....

What makes an American product...well American?

Ok TGIX you gave AK shit for

Ok TGIX you gave AK shit for buying a Equinox and you have a SUV Rav4. What the fuck? The Rav4 is in the same category as the Equinox. LMAO are you on here just to irritate people?

But I will say this Rav4 is a nice looking vehicle. But I only buy American. Because foreign companies cheat on taxes.


WASHINGTON, April 10— Foreign-owned businesses operating in the United States may be illegally dodging up to $30 billion in income tax, and many pay no tax at all on billions of dollars of sales, a House Way and Means subcommittee was told today.

The Internal Revenue Service acknowledged that there is a compliance problem among many foreign companies, but Commissioner Shirley D. Peterson said there was not nearly enough information available to estimate the loss. She suggested the maximum loss would be about $3 billion a year.

Seventeen foreign companies that distribute cars in this country paid the United States an average $4 in tax for each $1,000 of sales over several years, according to an investigation by the staff of the House Ways and Means oversight subcommittee. One company sold $3.4 billion worth of cars over two years and paid zero tax. Untaxed Electronics Concerns

Get your facts right or just shut that pie hole already.

30 mpg city/hwy and as much as 34 hwy is a lot better than 17/24 - a LOT better. That is what I got on my 2005 Rav - excellent mileage, and that is what Equinox got - sick mileage. The new Eqnx is supposed to get as much as 30 hwy. And the new Rav4 is not for me (too long to fit in my garage unless I put the John Deere outside which I won't do, new model also gets less mileage and is not as attractive).

I've seen two cars EVER that actually got the mileage on the window sticker - my Rav and my current car which gets 35! That's out of 7 cars I've owned, literally dozens I have driven (not just once but as much as one would drive a personal car AND for 200 miles a day at work, others enough to fill their tanks enough to know their real mileage, not the lie on the window sticker).

I also needed the space the Rav offered for my photography biz and for taking my son biking, kayaking and camping (a couple of times each year we did ALL Three on those trips).

But why defend against someone who can't even get his facts right? It's pointless. Shut the hole, will ya? You are annoying.


What facts did I get wrong

What facts did I get wrong TGIX? I never said anything about Gas Milaege I just said they were in the same category. Both small SUVs. I even said you had a nice looking ride. But there was no reason to give AK a bunch of shit for buying a vehicle. last time I looked this was a free country and you can drive what you feel like driving. Stop being so touchy and think every one is out to get you.

Here is the truth and it is easily Proven -

When AK said she was getting an Equinox she put me down in the very beginning of the post and then I wrote back -

"Awww, how nice.

Love you too AK! :-)"

So you can call that what you want. Just stick with the facts though buddy and you'll be a lot better off.

Thats it she put you down

Thats it she put you down after you totally trashed her.

more revisionist history?

You do so love to muck it up too.

Why is that?

This is pointless. You have

This is pointless. You have nice vehicle TGIX I hope it runs for you for many years.