The Twi crap Saga

If you actually enjoyed reading this series, than you are either a masochist or just have really horrible taste. Twilight was a poorly written piece of crap with little to no plot. You're basically getting a wet dream from reading these books. Nobody would give a damn about the movies if the actors, (if you could even call them that) didnt look as great as they do. People are so entranced by the love felt between the two main characters that they are blinded from realizing the awkward transitions, cheesy writing, sexist undertone, lame ass villians, and immature pricks presented in these reads. Stephanie Meyer can't write to save her life. I would like to know who taught her english just so i could backhand them. Save yourself the time and agony by avoiding these books.



The author is also a douche, she contributed to the group against gay marriage in California.

I wasn't aware of that. I

I wasn't aware of that. I would've assumed that considering her mormon background, but then again that's generalizing and I don't like doing that. Speaking of which, I've mellowed out since posting this peeve. I've come to accept that everyone has a choice to like what they want no matter how stupid I believe it is. And that it is wrong to assume that just because one reads these books that they have bad taste. That is a matter of opinion. I still think it's a crap series with no literary merit, but to each their own. I am disgusted in Meyer's choice to oppose gay marriage though. Hopefully she, along with every bigot in America, will see to reason one day.

How's That Left-Wing Kool-Aid, Emo?

No surprise, this author is a textbook example of what is wrong with post-2000 America.  We live in a day and age where so many nasty things are happening.  We ignore that by distracting ourselves with Halloween-associated garbage like this.  Vampires are negative role models for everyone.  All they are, are works of fictious art.  They're parasites, they kill.  They're obviously stupid.  They don't know logic and they teach people that it is okay to be suicidal, emo, liberal, gay, lazy, and hopeless.  I never read the books and I never saw the films.  And I never will.  This woman is another person I despise and will never get any respect from me.  That left-wing Kool-Aid is killing her.