Great Music Vid.


Leave to Ray Stevens.


We do Need Health Care

I like the video but , I have to admit that as a hard working middle class family-- I don't understand why I can't get medical insurance for my kids. This is not the America I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to know why fucking

I want to know why fucking workers comp will not take of my wife a government insurance agency. Please explain why my wife had to go off oxycontin cold turkey when there was supposed to be a step down program that fucking workman's comp would not approve that is what I want to know. I want know why my wife has to wait 2 years to get the operation she needed from workers comp? Please explain that one to me while waiting for the operation 2 more discs in her neck ruptured because of GOVERNMENT INSURANCE. Why can't my wife play softball any more because she could not  get the operation she needed because workers comp dicked around. COULD SOMEONE ON THIS FUCKING BOARD PLEASE TELL ME WHY GOVERNMENT INSURANCE IS SOOOOOOO FUCKED UP?

Can someone please tell me why we have to get a fucking lawyer just to get the medication she needs because of government insurance.


Can someone please tell me why all of sudden prescriptions I used to get through Tri Care government without prior approval all of a sudden within the last six months I now have to get prior approval for almost every prescription through Tri Care? Can someone tell me why  Tri Care did not cover 5000 bucks for a mri that I had to pay out of my pocket? They only paid 2000 bucks.