I NEED prayers from ALL of you, PLEASE!!!!


An old friend from hs just informed me that she needs ALL of our prayers for her 10 year old daughter. She is at the police station being arrested! Why? Because her daughter has a 'thing' for setting FIRES! She is in need of some intense psychiatric help as she apparently has had this 'fire-bug' problem for too long. In addition, she also has hurt her little brother a LOT in the past. Now, she hasn't had the best life (who has, right?), with her mom leaving dad for a little abuse on ALL OF THEM, cheating on mom, beating the kids mercilessly, and etc. So THIS, for those on the cusp of doing something like this to your children, is what you can cause to happen, a broken family with a probably serial arsonist (or worse) in the making. Mom knows already that some drugs are needed to keep her kids 'voices' at bay (oh yeah, I forgot to mention it is voices that make her burn things, didn't I?).

So, I am asking, no BEGGING all of you to pray like you've never prayed before! A family's life and well being may be on the line here!
Thank you.



yes she needs prayers AND therapy!!!  only TEN yrs old??!!! how old is the brother??  he's gonna need help too.  THEY ALL DO! I will pray for them.

Prayers don't hurt...

...but if you really want to try and provide assistance that is much more likely to have a positive effect you can read up on pyromania and offer your friend some advice, help find the most qualified counselor in the area who specializes in that particular behavior problem, or so many other real acts that really help.

I have not a thing against prayer except when it is used instead of doing something practical and guaranteed to help.

One thing I KNOW would give that kid a good waking up is a tour through a burn ward at a hospital. See to it That Happens and she WILL think twice before using fire for the attention she so deseperately needs. Then, she needs attention, lots of it. Someone needs to see that she gets it immediately.

She is a troubled child, one who needs love not punishment. Restrictions - yes, punishment - NO.

She needs to be kept under observation but the time must also be used for therapy and learning not to make her feel bad about herself. There's much more to the process and that's for the pros. This is not amateur hour. It's also not something to sit around with eyes closed, kneeling, lighting candles about and mumbling some incantions. Those have never been proven to cure anything.

To best help your friend it would make more sense to be practical and do what is proven to be a good use of energy and time and money spent on the matter. You may very well help save someone's life/lives. Research (to find the best help she can get) takes time and is probably not something her mother has much of right now. If in your shoes that is what I would do anyway. The mom also needs support, an open ear to vent to, family counseling would also be indicated. If cost is an issue maybe you can help that way too and I do not mean out of your own pocket. Again, time may be all it takes; you can help locate organizations, charities, doctors who do pro bono work and so on that are in her area or at least not too far to go to regularly. Probably the more appropriate situation would be removal from the household for a while and placement in a facility that houses and monitors troubled youth full time. They have specially trained staff and security to keep her there and out of trouble. It worked AMAZINGLY well for a cousin's daughter when she was having difficulties. Now the young lady is a nurse and is one of the most delightful, beautiful, kind and caring people, an absolute pleasure to be around, I could not be more proud of her. She had never hurt anyone other than herself but she was going the wrong direction in a hurry and would not have survived or survived well without the intervention. It's time for your friend's daughter to get the same kind of treatment. It's available and often for little to no cost if you simply look hard enough to find it.