Cheating Husbands


My rant is Cheating Preverted Husbands and their laptop computers.  How can something that was meant to give us so much good be used to do so much harm.  I want to take all computers and all men and put them on an Island together and take away their internet access!  Maybe then they would realize that there are others among them and that there is a Real world outhere!  


Um... do you really need to

Um... do you really need to go from "Cheating Preverted Husbands" to banishing all men to an internetless island? I mean, I've somehow managed not to cheat on my wife, even with constant internet access. Do you think maybe you could give some of us guys the benift of the doubt? And what about the cheating wives out there? My half-brother had one of those. He went to fix her computer one day and came accross the emails from her lover.

Its not just computers----There is just no contact anymore!

I sat and watched a couple on a date tonight at Pizza Hut...... for over a half hour, both sat and texted friends.  Where were there friends?   Back not so long ago, we (us friends) used to go out and laugh and have a good time together.  Now, no one wants face to face contact.  It's a scarry world.  And as for the cheating man, they  are all around.  They take up space in almost every household that has a computer with internet access.  They may not even know  that it could be considered cheating.  But to a wife, who is craving contact with her husband, only to find he has been getting plenty of input from other females/males, and who knows what else for the past 9 years.....yes, its considered cheating!  And there maybe 1 or 2 good respectable males out there,  but they are far and few of them.

I agree with you

I agree with you Jaggers..that there's just no contact anymore!!  I went to lunch the other day with a friend of mine from work and for the most part..we could barely have a conversation because she was too busy texting her bf back and forth, so I can imagine what you thought about that couple at Pizza Hut!! 

Face to face contact?  Doesn't matter if you're sitting with someone face to face or not..once that cell phone goes off with a text message...most people can't stand but have to look at it and text back.  It's ridiculous!!

I don't get why people who are married/in relationships, etc. find it so appealing to flirt with people on the internet to be honest with you.  And yes, I agree with you when you say that it's cheating.  It starts with what they think is innocent flirting..but one thing leads to another and eventually..they're screwing around behind their spouses/significant others back.


When you come home from work

When you come home from work do you talk his ears off complaining or gossiping about what happened at work.  Do you think he cares about what someone at work said to someone else or any other bullshit like that?  When was the last time you tried to look or be sexy for him?  Or do you constantly berate him to take out the trash or do this or that?  When was the last time you just spontaneously jumped on him and gave him a blow job?  Do you constantly bash yourself to him about your weight?  Do you EVER just get dirty in bed or do you just fucking LAY there hoping he'll be done soon?  Why do you think he feels the need to find a woman to please him?  Because YOU'RE NOT, that's why!!  Wake the fuck up!! 

Mr Kingfish, I don't have a

Mr Kingfish, I don't have a life.  He comes home and goes straight to his computer.  9 years ago, after our 2nd daughter was born. I weighed less than when I met him.  I tried to be sexy, over and over.  I jumped in the shower only to please him.  But there was no response.  After so many times of being turned down, whats the point?  So ya, maybe its my fault for sticking around for so damn long.  No more, I need a life!

Obviously don't

Obviously don't have a clue.  Are you one of those men that constantly has his nose in the internet blaming his wife/significant other for boring you to death when you're not even GIVING her a chance anymore since you're so busy on the net flirting with other women sooo much more appealing to you??

Once you meet THOSE'll find them boring also. you try to be sexy for your woman at all?  What about YOUR weight? 

Why is it with men like you that it's all about blow jobs and new positions?  Maybe you should get inventive so she doesn't have to just LAY there waiting for it to be over with.


Haha :)  Speaking of

Haha,  speaking of clueless, maybe a look in the mirror would do you good.  My wonderful wife and I could not BE happier.  I went ahead and posted a profile pic just for you.

Get out then.

Get out then.

We have one girl that goes 60

We have one girl that goes 60 miles away just to cheat on her husband. It is gross.

There are plenty of men AND

There are plenty of men AND women out there that spend all their time on the internet yapping with people.  It's one thing to talk to people, but the endless flirting that goes on online is ridiculous!!

My ex husband used to spend all his time on the Yahoo Messenger chatting with other women...and meeting up with them during the day when I was out working.  Before the internet came along we had a great life together , along with a great sex life.  When he lost his job, he spent all day and all night on the net.  One day he happened to leave up his Yahoo Messenger account, I read his archives, and found out about all the women he'd been chatting with...he was giving them his cell phone number..and meeting up with them during the day.

Mind you, I wasn't one of those wives that went on endlessly about her boring day at work...I just wanted to spend some time with him instead of constantly looking at the back of his head at the computer as he'd tell me, "5 more minutes and I'll be off from here.."  Three hours later he was STILL yapping on Yahoo Messenger and up until the crack of dawn yapping on in chat on Yahoo Messenger!!

Long story short..he was fooling around behind my back with women he met on the internet and it ended our 15 year marriage.

Some woman goes 60 miles to fool around on her husband with someone she met on the internet??  Doesn't surprise me any..and's gross!!   







Sad situtation.

Sorry to hear how close your story is to mine.  I am filing for Divorce and I am scared to death!  I called a realator to get some information on what needs to be done to get the house ready for a faster sale.  My cheating spouse comes home early and than gets drunk, goes on his computer for 5 hours and then comes to me and says I am rushing things!  I could not believe his nerve.  I know its been over, but I had hoped he would have gotten bored with it all, instead of getting so addicted!  Our girls are seeing this play out, and I am so devasted with the whole ordeal.  I just want to move back to where my family is-----but I have to wait until my oldest daughter graduates this spring.  I hope in a few years, I can look back on all this and be happy that I made this decision.  I just can't watch him do this to me,, his girls or himself!

What about Cheating Wives?

Come on--- what about the wives?

Some wives are no better. 

Some wives are no better. 

And btw Kingfish..

Posting a pic of must think you're really hot or something.  Nice lame stupid body (you could use a tan for starters...and sucking it in doesn't make you look any better in that cowboy hat you have on...Mr. Shirtless!!)

Glad to hear that you and your wife are so happy.  Yet, rather than pointing fingers and accusing women that come to this site of being useless and boring..maybe you should look at some of the creeps out there that DO spend all their time on the net..have wonderful wives..yet refuse to give them the time of day since they're too busy eating up the useless crap some whores throw out to them online.  Maybe instead of ruining their wonderful marriages by spending all their time online..pretending to be single...maybe it would be great once if these men (and women also) turn off the net and instead..spend a little bit of time investing it in the person they married in the first place!!

Good luck to you, timbuktu,

Good luck to you, timbuktu, and I wish you a good life. Really I do.