That witchy girl on the cheer squad!

Why do 14 year old girls feel the need to make life hell for other girls?  My daughter is a great athelete who has done gymnastics, acrogymnatics, dance and trampoline all her life.  She tried out and made the cheer squad as a freshman and is naturally a great flyer who excells at the stunts the squad does.  She loves it, but of course there is a jealous, petty little witch who is making life hard for her.  She talks behind my daughters back and tries to turn the rest of the squad against her.  My daughter has never been a fighter, and she is very shy (and just a little dorky-but she is beginning to embrace her natural goofyness).  She does not stand up for herself and ends up hanging out by herself.  All of this is because witchy girl tried but was unsuccessful at being the flyer and is not the most attractive kid in the world.  (Picture a 14 year old hunchback with googly eyes-ok, I admit it-that was a little mean)    Witchy girls mom is not the nicest person either, and I can tell where witchy girl got her social skills.

I gotta rant because I can't say anything to anyone because it really is my daughters situation to handle.  It just makes me SO angry!


Umm, it's called "High

Umm, it's called "High School" and you're talking about "Cheerleading". Did you forgot how those girls are? Seriously now, think back to high school and how people were. I know when I was in school the cheer squad was a bunch of stuck up bitches. I wouldn't expect it to change, that's what high school is all about.