Christmas Scrooges....

Have any of you seen this shit on the news (sorry about the cuss word) about Santa being a bad role model? A politically correct nit wit has decided that because Santa is fat and drinks that he is a bad role model. I am so f'in sick of the PC police! We have a nice high bridge here in Port Huron they can throw themselves off, with the lake frozen I'm sure they'd make a nice stain for all to see.

Santa's a bad role model. A man who travels the globe giving selflessly is bad simply because he's overweight? People really need to stop hating fat people, weight is not always a choice and may beyond the control of a particular person. A person's weight does not determine a person's personality, character, or temperment.

Who honestly cares if Claus drinks a little? He's been doing it for hundreds of years and hasn't had any accidents or at least if he has Rudolph isn't talking! Jesus Christ, the ultimate role model,  drank wine at the last supper so he has to go too!

All I can say to the PC police is if you don't like it drop me an email, I'll send you directions to the Blue Water Bridge with a time to meet me (in full Santa suit) and I'll give you the send off you deserve. Dress warmly, the water is cold time of year, that is if its not iced ocer. Let the kids have their fun and keep your fat mouths shut, no asked for your opinion!




SAY THAT SHIT MAN!!!!!  I totally agree!!!!!!   I saw that online yesterday!!!!  some people have too much time worrying about the wrong thing!!!!!!!!!! I don't think I've ever heard or seen a kid say they wanna be like Santa when they grow up!!!  and for EFFS sake HE IS NOT EVEN REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!