wrong thumbnail

I've been reading daily news from the excite web pages, including their celebrity daily news for at least 10 years.

For the 1st 3 years it was just an annoyance. Then I wasted a half hour and wrote to tell them what's wrong.


They have a daily celebrity picture @ this link http://entertainment.excite.com/index.html

Hitting the link takes you to the picture of yesterdays celebrity [sometimes]

7 years ago I wrote them about this discrepancy.. No reply not even from a bot that they or my mail program had failed or made it thru.

Into the old circular file..

Also on this same page it has this

Say what you want about Lindsay Lohan, but she's a good friend! LiLo took the time to call int..

The link doesn't actually have a date, but it's in reference to tickets to the Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds Tour . That took place in october 2007 - jan 9 2008..

Easily more than a years gone by since this bit of gossip was updated.

Last week I went back and told them about the wrong thumnails again. Same circular file.


Might as well add this one, as it's pretty obvious the quote thing doesn't work..

So I hit the 'more information about formatting link'  for this web sites html tags. The only thing there is more advertising.

So dead or wrong links raise my blood pressure also.

Ok I found the double quote icon above.. The quote thing works, but there's still no info at the more info about formatting link.



They fixed it. They broke it even worse.

Now that daily thumbnail that points to yesterdays celeb, it doesn't change at all anymore. It's locked on a shoulder up shot of Katy Perry. But the link still goes to some random celeb. Why bother ?