Another Rave!!! (So Far)

Google Chrome! Now keep in mind I'm only on day two or three of using it, but I love it so far. I'm not a pro with computer stuff in any way, so I know I don't use is as other people would. I'm just a "general browsing" user. I asked a tech-savvy friend about it before trying it, and he only had one complaint, which was something I had no clue what he was talking about. I'm still getting used to where the bookmarks are located, but I LOVE how when I open a new tab it shows me a bunch of pages I use regularly! All I do is just open the new tab, and click the image of the page I want, it's so simple!!! The only "issue" I'm having is with my iGoogle - I have something on there that shows me my email so I don't have to go to gmail to see it, but it's not working with the Chrome. 

Anyone else use it any have any input, comments, loves, hates?


Cancel that gmail complaint....

I deleted the gadget and added a different one and all works fine. 

Back to no complaints!