My pet peeves is bigger than Facebook?

It pisses me off that My pet peeves isn't 300,000,000 users. Facebook is useless andTwitter is for Twits.

At  least this site care about me-- Twitter- shit- I don't need big brother following me all day.

And My Space is a goner.

All these other guys are big cororations- screw em.

Help me out here I'd have all my union member sign up fo my pet peeves tonight.




Social Networking Sucks

I hate social networking sites.  I tried Facebook back in March, but cancelled my account after over one month.  I was a part of anti-Disney hate groups and spent too much time badmouthing people.  I was also livid and upset that my former female friends were either married, married with a child, engaged, or in a deep relationship, while I was stuck still trying to eliminate memories and angry feelings of my ex-girlfriend.