Rural areas need broadband

I'm stuck on dal=up because rural areas are left oout of progress


Didn't the Government Fix This

I thought the Feds finally forced the rich four phone companies to provide broadband to every one in the US. If not, let's get on it, what state do you live in- who are your senators- let's get them off their asses and finish the job .

Rural ares need broadband

That is just another government lie. I live in southern Indiana and can't get it.

It is a lie - it all depends

It is a lie - it all depends on where you live and how much it would cost the company to provide that service to you. Where I used to live we had to use satellite internet because we couldn't get it any other way - for anyone to run a line to us it would have cost over $1 million. And this was in a big city.

Rural ares need broadband

I highly suggest you become more knowledgeable of the various PROBLEMS presented by BPL (BroadBand over PowerLines).  There is a wealth of information available on the Internet, if you only bother to look it up.  BTW, the impressed signals are appropriately named - BROADBAND- taking lots of radio frequency spectrum. as compared with narrowband signals.  Any time a signal is impressed upon an open wire line [the power grid], every single one of those wires, becomes an ANTENNA; in turn interference is generated to FCC licensed services.

You might consider checking on whether there happens to be any Wi-Fi connections, in your area. If not, get a group together, and establish one/several.  They can cover a fairly wide area.  Personally, I've always thought the CellPhone providers are 'missing the boat', in NOT placing Wi-Fi equipment at each of their towers [I seem to recall seeing one or two, every so often].

hqave you tried satellite

hqave you tried satellite (sp) or an air card from a cell phone company?

I live in a rural area and I have used both.

air card is the way to go

an air card from Verizon is faster than  DSL, and sometimes faster than cable.   I tried one on a 30 day trial. and before the 30 days were up, i called my phone company and disconnected my phone line and DSL.

 understand SPRINT is even faster, but less available, but they all offer a 30 trial plan.   I went with Verizon becuase that is where my cell phone is.  annd  i went for their unit that i can plug in two computers into the same air card.  so, for my home and laptop.