Windows 7 Rave


I've been running the new Windows and have to say its VERY nice!  Its runs (IMHO) better than XP or even Vista, no crashes thus far and its speedier than previous versions of Windows. I LOVE the new task bar which allows enhanced "live" views of open apps,  this allows you to view any open windows minimized without having to bring the program up. You can also resize windows by simply moving them; moving a window to the left edge of the screen will reduce its size, while moving it to the top restore it to full size.

The best feature is Windows 7 Media Center hands down its the best reason to upgrade! It has been graphically enhanced over Vista's and Xp versions, its much easier on the eyes. It runs faster than other versions as well.  If you have a TV tuner installed in your PC, Media Center will allow you to record TV Shows, no need to pay for a cable or sattelite DVR, which is cool if you'd like to reduce your bill a little. You can also view video clips, photos, and listen to your computer using either a remote or mouse/keyboard combo.

Another cool thing is that programs like Windows Mail, Movie Maker, DVD Maker, and MSN Messenger are no longer included saving valuable space.  If you still want those programs you can download them from Microsoft for free.

I could go on and on about the how cool Windows 7 but you should check it out for yourself! 


You have fun with that, but

You have fun with that, but I'll be sticking with my Mac. Y'know... having good taste and all.

Oh I will.

I am having fun with that.

Mac are nice just don't like that lack of choice that accompanies them, good luck.

Thanks, Rkinne for the

Thanks, Rkinne for the review!

Unfortunatly, my home desktop is Linux (gag). The laptop is windows but Adam is in charge of that. I hope the work computers gets the upgrade soon. THAT would rock!

I'm sure its nice

Its good to know that Microsoft is able to get something right - they managed to copy enough of Mac OS X and the user interface to make a PC bearable and maybe, just maybe, reliable. Perhaps that's why they opened a Microsoft Store (a blatant copy of the Apple Store) since they figure the complaints would be going down.

I like my Macs because they represent innovation. If Apple hadn't put a computer with a mouse and a windowed operating system into the home in 1984, I doubt Microsoft would ever have created Windows. Even though Macs are more expensive, you get a whole lot more including ease of use and reliability. 

I hope Windows 7 is everything you want it to be and good luck.

Its funny

Actually the mouse and windows weren't created by Apple or Microsoft but by a man named Douglas Engelbart (he has a patent filed for the mouse).

I actually like Linux, I use Ubuntu on occasion.  Networking on Linux is a major pain in the ass compared to Windows and no real gaming is possible on Linux at this point.  In a few years Linux may well bring Apple and Microsoft down a peg or two but its not quite there yet.

I am also getting sick of the whole which is better debate since it's quickly becoming a moot point. All the major OS's are more or less the same if you really explore them closely; they all have the same features, all start and shut down the same, they all play media files, etc.   There's not one feature of any one OS that you couldn't get either natively or through a second or third party support.  Ubuntu's Cube? Google search reveals several programs that will do the same thing!   OS-X Dock? Windows 7 has it now but Windows Blinds added that feature to Vista and XP.

I kind of look at the OS's like ice cream; some people like chocolate, others like strawberry, and some prefer Superman.  Its simply a matter of personal taste and comfort. 

Good luck with 7 - I'm on

Good luck with 7 - I'm on Vista myself and haven't had any REAL BAD issues..... *searches frantically for wood to knock on*

The only real problem I have had is when I start up sometimes - it will forget to start some thing. Like my little icons over by the time-date area... One day I started up and had no way to control sound, or anything else other then what time/day it was. It's happened a couple times, but it's not anything major I'm going to complain about to anyone that can fix it. I'm sure fixing it will just fuck something else up.

I wanted a Mac but they were out of my price range and like you said rk, they didn't have many choices. I got exactly what I needed at the price I needed in a PC, so that's what I have. Someday when I have money to flush down the toilet maybe I'll look at Mac, until then I'm happy with something that satisifies my needs rather then my wants.


Try updating the drivers to your sound card to fix the audio mixer issue. You might also try turning off the auto launch at start up for some programs like Yahoo Messenger, that might solve the problem and will increase your start up time. Feel free to contact me for help if you want. 

I too liked Vista, it was never given a fair shake IMHO. I got Win 7 for $50 which was a deal that was too sweet to pass up so I got it. 

I don't think it's anything

I don't think it's anything like that - it's something to do with the startup that it's not starting everything up. Usually everything works fine, but once in a great while nothing will show where the time/date is except for the time/date. That includes the mouse/pointing device thing, the graphics thing, the internet stuff, even the battery life doesn't show up. I'm thinking it's just some sort of glitch cause it doen't happen often. I'm not too worried about it - once I restart it all goes back to normal.

Really, I have no complaints about Vista, YET, *knocks on wood*. I heard horror stories, and then my dad got it - and now I have it. Neither he nor I have had any problems with it. And he upgraded to vista from a computer with Windows 95. Yeah, we don't trust my dad with too much technology....

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