Why do smokers think its ok to throw their butts out of the car window? Do they know they aren't bio-degradeable? Our kids' kids will be ankle deep in cigarette filters!



I mean, smoking polutes the air enough as is. The least smokers can do is find a trashcan for their butts!

Really?? Up to their ankles

Really?? Up to their ankles in cig butts??

Did people never throw them out the window years ago? I'm pretty sure they did, and I'm not up to my ankles in cig butts! You know it's funny they say they aren't biodegradable, but I don't see any cig butts from 20 years ago hanging around anywhere.

As a former smoker I know how disgusting it smells when being around smokers, but leave them the fuck alone. They PAY their money to pollute their lungs, so you can move the fuck up wind.

Besides, if not for smokers

Besides, if not for smokers we'd have higher taxes.


LOL, quite right AK, IF there was no smokers tax, 'they' would go after the overweight, oce those are all thin and non-smoking, they would look OTHER people with some OTHER health challenges, a sugar tax for diabetics, then a red meat tax for people with high cholesterol, and let me see, may as well tax people for NOT working out a minimum of 30 minutes three times a week, and let me see, now that we are out of health reason to tax, why not a tax on disabled people for BEING disabled? Or, because THAT isn't 'fair', a tax on teh PARENTS for HAVING disabled children!


Oh yeah, tax everyone for everything! BECAUSE THAT IS THE FAIR AND RIGHT THING TO DO!!!!!

Yeah Walter, because

Yeah Walter, because cigarette taxes and some hypothetical tax on disabled people are somehow equivalent? Give me a break!

I'm all for personal liberty, but freedom isn't free. When you choose to smoke, you increase healthcare costs for the rest of society. Making you pay a little extra for each cigarette to defray some of those costs seems perfectly reasonable. And cigarettes are incredibly addictive, so making people who choose to start smoking foot the bill for addiction treatment also seems reasonable. Don't be so melodramatic.


that in the states/couuntries where smoking was banned (or even went down) there was NO change in the health costs in those areas. One would think we would see a measurable drop, but there was none. The rates of heart attacks stayed the same, the rates of strokes stayed the same, the rates of EVERYTHING stayed the same, even after all this time. So what exactly WERE the 'savings' we were 'promised?


Oh, and as to 'melo-dramatic', you DO realize there is already a group of laws attempting to pass 'healthy eating' taxes, right? I am not sure what names they go under, but when a city tells ALL restaurants that they must have no 'unhealthy' (read, saturated fats) on the menu and even goess so far as to tell them it would be a fine for serving someone who LOOKS like they are too obese...what would YOU call that?

I'll happily pay the higher taxes

Worldwide, smokers toss out over 4.5 trillion cigarette butts each year. Your typical butt takes up to 10 years to breakdown. You may not notice them so much, because they are small, but they are there. Of course their size allows them to be easily washed down storm drains and into lakes and oceans, where they are the single most common thing found during coastal cleanups, accounting for nearly one in five items collected. In fact, it is estimated that cigarette butts make up nearly one-third of all litter in the US when measured by the number of discarded items. And these little pieces of plastic were designed to capture harmful toxins. Toxins which then seep out into the groundwater and pollute aquatic environments.

This has nothing to do with smoke smelling disgusting, or how much they paid for that pack of cigarettes. If smokers want to pollute their lungs, then they should go right ahead and do that. But I would appreciate it if they refrained from polluting my lungs as well. And there is no excuse for poisoning the planet with that crap. I don't spray shit in their faces and throw trash on their lawns. Littering is disrespectful and wrong. There's nothing magic about cigarette butts that make them somehow OK to throw on the ground. Smokers' long tradition of throwing butts out windows, or stamping them out on sidewalks, is no excuse. Some traditions need to be changed.



can't stand it either

I hate it too!!!  but if you notice nowdays they DON'T make cars with ashtrays ANYMORE!!!  the last car I had WITH an ashtray was my 92 Corolla!!!! and I kept loose change in it, lol! and I had a 2001 minivan then my Tahoe now and both of them had/have NO ashtray!  now I'm NOT a smoker but the car companies don't give them any other choice! I don't like the idea of anyone throwing it out the window either but what else can they do? just  sayin...........

A coffee mug... the cup holder (all cars have those) works just as well.

stinking cigarette butts

If smokers don't care about THEIR LUNGS, and their CHILDRENS LUNGS (yes, many times I have seen some parent huffing on a big stinking cigarette with the windows up in the car and children HAVING to breath in the toxic, carcinogenic  poisons) then they most certainly don't care about polluting the environment with their filthy butts.....


Dawn, my 2005 Chevy Aveo has an ashtray. I keep change in it. Haha.

Where to put their cigarette butts

One complaint from smokers is that there is no place to put their cigarette butts so they just toss them wherever they are. If I smoked, I'd carry with me a small bag in which to put the cigarette butt. That's the most responsible thing to do - keep it on your person until you reach a trashcan. I'm sure there is something that's small enough to keep in a pocket (or purse) that can hold a couple of cigarette butts. How hard would that be. If you are going to smoke, at least be responsible about it.