I know, that is a 'tired' saying, however, THIS time it TOTALLY FITS!!!! I kept asking why would a flu that isn't even normally lethal, have such a media scare about getting the vaccine for it? Well, I finally found out why, the swine flu being vaccinated against was CREATED AND PATENTED!!!!

Just when I thought the government and corporations could go no lower..... So 'happy' we have SCIENTISTS to trust, isn't it? /c:}


Forget the Flu-Fix the big corrupt Banks

I agree with you. Right now the biggest plague we have is with all these law breaking, greedy, recycled executives at the big banks. JP Morgan ,Manufacturers Hanover, Chase, Bear Stearns ( that's only a few of the banks they took over) etc.... just fined $700 million- today- for ripping off a Mississippi city. Bank of America, WAMU, Countrywide etc. etc. fined millions, Goldmans Sachs to give  $20.0 Billion--- that's Billion as bonuses in the worst financial year in history.

What's wrong with this picture. Forget the flu vaccine- use the money to ouplace all the bastard bankers.

Inject the flu virus into the greedy bastards at the banks and corrupt companies executives who are killing our economy  and our futture.

The only flu this country has is the Greed1Greed2 virus!

Pig Flu and the scare.

You noticed Walter every death is reported? Just like when Bush was in office and every death was reported in Iraq. Just to scare the hell out of poeple.