People who are lazy.


My pet peeve isn't shopping carts that are scattered all over parking lots and in parking stalls, my pet peeve is the PEOPLE who are too damn lazy to walk the extra 15 to 25 feet to put a cart away neatly.

People who throw trash on the ground fit into this category as well.


What about people who TRY ...

What about people who TRY to put shopping carts away, but the shopping cart corrall is so full that they are sticking 5 feet out of it! That's been happening more and more lately, because the stores don't want to have someone on full-time to gather carts!

wow! i've been wanting to ...

wow! i've been wanting to say that for a long time!
we are a LAZY society! we have EVERYTHING we'll ever need, and yet we don't appreciate or respect any of it. it's ALL ABOUT "ME".

Agree 100%. Laziness is ...

Agree 100%. Laziness is spreading faster than any disease. People too lazy to take the shopping cart back but then going home to go on a treadmill to burn off the fat off their lazy butts. Some supermarkets have the 25 cents retainer for their carts and that helps as far as abandoned carts go but it's a real pain to fish for those coins all the time.