Intersection Etiquette

I can't stand people who stop 10 feet away from a crosswalk or intersection marker especially when the light is a sensor light and you need to be at a certain point to trigger it. When the car behind you continues to inch up on you it means MOVE UP!!!!!


when a car behind me ...

when a car behind me inches up on me, i get angry. if we are on a hill and you are on my ass and i happen to drive a manual and roll back and your car is in the way guess who is at fault.

you are.

but i admit, you are right. it is annoying when someone is far away from the marker. it is even more annoying when they go too far and sit there at the light on their cell phone in the crosswalk. when i am a pedestrian i make every effort to get them to see that they are clearly in my safe walking space. i walk down the crosswalk, and when i get to their vehicle i "hug" the front of it, walking as close to their vehicle as i manuever around it, hoping to not get hit by traffic......