Idiot was tailgating me this morning on a 2 lane road. I saw a few cinder blocks in front of me so I swerved at the last second to miss them. He hit them and still spun out into the ditch trying to avoid them. Had he been following at a safe distance he would have seen them when I did. I saw thick white smoke behind me so my guess is he busted his engine or at least the oil pan.


Amarettoxo, just mention ...

Amarettoxo, just mention driving stuff and I'm hooked.
There are so many variables.

Was he drunk?
Did he have ample opportunities to pass you?
Were there turnouts available for you to take to get out of his way?
What is the speed limit and how fast/slow were you going?
Are tailgaters a constant problem for you?

Here in California, the law states (and rightfully so I think) that even if you are going at the speed limit and someone indicates they want to get around you, you should yield. This is for freeway driving. California also includes turnouts on many two lane roads to give slow drivers ample opportunity to be courteous and let others pass. There are lots of people pulling campers and boats as you might imagine.

Turnouts are not an option in the East as I remember it.

Anyway, if the guy was doing everything wrong, then he brought it on himself but if you were in some way wrong, there was a miscarriage of vigilante justice in some way, ya think?

So I should have hit the ...

So I should have hit the blocks,wrecked my vehical and let him go about his business instead of me?

amaretto, YOU GO! I would ...

amaretto, YOU GO! I would have done the same damn thing in your situation! i guarantee you that guy will NEVER tailgate anyone again! KUDOS TO AMARETTO!!!!!!! you kick ass!!!!!!

I hope you're right ...

I hope you're right dance_master. I know a lady that has had 2 accidents tailgaiting people and still does it. She has a masters in business and still does't think she does anything wrong.

tsk tsk tsk, one day ...

tsk tsk tsk, one day someone's gonna get mighty pissed and follow her and do more than swerve out of her way to let her hit something, i hope that doesn't happen, but some people just won't learn until they get a nice big wake up call

No Amarettoxo, you ...

No Amarettoxo, you shouldn't have hit the blocks! You sounded like you waited on purpose till the last second. I have a driving confession of my own to make coming up.

I think you were right in ...

I think you were right in what you did. I would have done the exact same thing. I get so tired of people tailgating me and what makes it even worse is when I move out of their way they make it a point to follow me some more. I hope he learned his lesson with the repair bill he is going to receive.

I know calted2. That was ...

I know calted2. That was just my way of telling you good morning!!
Maryland has no such laws.As in many other states there is no fast/slow lane. Passing on the right is legal so you don't have to move over for people when they are willing to kill you to get by. Service plazas in the center of the highway is the reason that this left lane fast lane law is going the way of the caveman. Some states still have it but MD is not one of them.
To answer your questions: I don't know if he was drunk, We don't have turnouts but thanks for explaining it to me, the speed limit was 35 and I was doing 45, and I can usually ignore a tailgaiter but this one was about 5ft off my bumper. He should be glad it was cinder blocks instead of a child.

Bless you my ...

Bless you my son.(daughter)? I absolve you of all blame. The man was a shmuck! :)

would you be as happy if ...

would you be as happy if he was killed hitting the blocks? what if he had kids in the car? if they were hurt would it be funny for you? going out of your way to hurt someone, no matter how stupid they are, is not right.

Ok mry_m what would you ...

Ok mry_m what would you have done it this situation? Suppose you had kids in the car and you had a choice of swerving the blocks or getting rearended.

The man brought it on ...

The man brought it on himself, mry-m!
I'm not saying to drive "offensively" but karma is a bitch and he got what had probably long been coming to him. IF HE DID HAVE KIDS IN THE CAR, HE SHOULD'VE BEEN DRIVING MORE CAREFULLY! I drive differently when I have my kids in the car than when I'm alone.

Call me Mr. Contrarian but ...

Call me Mr. Contrarian but I drive the same whenever possible. Certainly never drive to get myself killed when I'm alone, why should I drive differently when someone is with me.

The rule in my car is not just seat belts. I pass helmets around too! :)

So do I.

So do I.

snowkat - i would have ...

snowkat - i would have moved over early so that the person behind me would have seen them (the blocks) in time to swerve too. not "at the last second" as was done hoping that they would have an accident. as i said, i don't believe in hurting someone just because they are stupid. i have been driving for 44 years and am on the freeway every morning. i have seen all sorts of bad drivers in those years. some of them have made me mad with their reckless disregard for the safety of others but that doesn't give me or you the right to cause them injury. Amarettoxo could have started tapping on his brakes and gradually slowing down giving the person behind him a warning that there was something in the road. but didn't because he was angry (road rage). what's sad is how happy everyone seems to be that the tailgater got hurt

you are right Dawndiva: ...

you are right Dawndiva: Karma is a bitch and the guy who just caused an accident racked up a ton of bad karma this morning.

If the guy was riding 5 ft ...

If the guy was riding 5 ft from her bumper do you for one second think he would have gotten the hint if they had tapped their brakes. I don't even think so. the a$$hole would have hit them either way. I have found that the more you tap your brakes to have some one get off your bumper the more pissed off they get at you and the closer they ride to your bumper. I have actually had someone run my hubby and I off the road because we tapped on the brakes to get him to stop tailgateing. He told the VA state trooper that yes I was tailgateing and yes I ran them off the road but thye deserved it b/c they weren't going fast enough and I think she flipped me off. First off it was raining hard on 95 N and we were doing 65 second of all is I had flipped him off it wouldn't have been out the back window.

his bumper sorry Amarettoxo

his bumper sorry Amarettoxo

well I'm hoping it wasn't ...

well I'm hoping it wasn't done intentionally, maybe he couldn't get around the blocks until the last minute.

I had my 13 year old ...

I had my 13 year old daughter in the car. If this guy had kids in the car then he should think of them and back off. I can't drive both cars!!.
Moving over early was not an option. This was a country road. I drive a hummer and he had a mini-van. Maybe his intention was suicide.
mry_m: You can turn this any way you like. It was him or me and my kid and I got to pick the loser. It's not rocket science. If someone deliberatly creates a dangerous situation then they should expect a bad outcome.

i agree amaretto, the ...

i agree amaretto, the tailgater got what he deserved
it's an eye for an eye and kill or be killed, i mean not literally, but if you're gonna be an ass and tailgate someone, yes, you should prepared for a bad outcome
this is why a-holes are a-holes, there aren't enough people out there like amaretto and myself to teach them lessons in staying off our asses and backing the hell up! i wouldn't feel a drop of guilt if i were you amaretto, and if he had kids in the car, HE'S the one who should feel guilty if they get hurt because when you have kids in the car, DON'T BE TAILGATING PEOPLE, and had he NOT been tailgating and stayed back a few more feet, he WOULD HAVE had time to miss those blocks

He got what he deserved!

He got what he deserved!

I can't stand tailgaters ...

I can't stand tailgaters !! He got what he deserved as far as im concerned :)
I get them often too , going down a 2 lane road , im going 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit , & they're right on top of me !! Grrr