Be careful


Check your smoke detectors and kiss your kids. This happened in my neighborhood!


Ours is hard wired in to ...

Ours is hard wired in to our house so we don't have to worry about batteries. Unfortunately if something gets spilled on the stove the alarm goes off but it's a small price to pay for safety.

THAT sux.

THAT sux.

t_kenmare, Most of the ...

t_kenmare, Most of the hard wired smoke detectors have a battery backup. That's important to check and replace with fresh batteries in case a fire were to cause a power outage. A lot of house fires are caused by people using candles for light when the power goes out.

Also, one that's located in a place like yours in the kitchen that goes off too often can create the "boy who cried wolf" syndrome which can be as bad as having no detector at all. It may be worth moving it to where it won't go off quite so easily with false alarms.

good idea Ed, cuz mine is ...

good idea Ed, cuz mine is hard wired in the house too. I didn't know it still had batteries. We only have them in the bedrooms and hallway, not the kitchen because of that reason.

I put one in every ...

I put one in every bedroom, my home office (both rooms), the kitchen and every hallway. They sell for as little as $5. That's 9 of them total, and since three came with the house, it was just another $30 for priceless insurance.
What I'd like even better is the type where if one goes off they all go off so you'll hear an alarm no matter where you are in the house. Those are a bit more expensive though.