my boyfriend


I cought my boyfriend cheating on me today with my friend


Oh I am soooo sorry to ...

Oh I am soooo sorry to hear about that. what a jerk and your friend isn't a friend if she's gonna do things like that to you!

AND they are supposed to ...

AND they are supposed to love you??????

yea they are pretty messed ...

yea they are pretty messed up, Im still taking it all in. It will get to me though

well HUGS to you Hun, If ...

well HUGS to you Hun, If you need to VENT, we are here

i am so sorry. but on the ...

i am so sorry. but on the bright you know you werent meant to be. right? same with your friend. drop her like a bad habit, and quick. you dont deserve to have someone like THAT in your life.

as hard as it is, it's ...

as hard as it is, it's true, you don't need either one of them! Hang in there!

He was the one that was ...

He was the one that was upset about all the txt msgs???

She's just as big an ...

She's just as big an asshole.

At this point they both have to go for their transgressions. They must both be toast, history, and Instantly - no taking it in and figuring out what to do etc.

Do Anything less than kick their asses all the way to the door and never let them back in your life again and You would be the only one to blame.

Yea ladyMK he was worried ...

Yea ladyMK he was worried about me cheatin on him meanwhile its allllllll him. thank you everyone for the support your guys are great

Thats they way it seems to ...

Thats they way it seems to be, those who are guilty try to turn it all around on those who are not..

Soooo sorry to hear about ...

Soooo sorry to hear about this. I hope you get through ok, always remember there are other fish in the sea!!
My friend just told me last night that his girlfriends best friend was spreading lies about his girlfriend and told him she wants to bang him... Must be "lying-backstabbing-cheating" friend season or something.

One other thing to remember - Once a cheater, ALWAYS a cheater!

I'm gonna ask what nobody ...

I'm gonna ask what nobody else did, cuz I'm bold like that:
DEFINE "caught him cheating".
What did you catch them doing?

Good question Dawn. After ...

Good question Dawn. After I posted I wondered that. And if it is what it sounds like then I agree with Walter (yes, hell did just freeze over everyone, LOL).

Betrayal of that type, if that's what it was, is not a matter of grey areas. For some reason I have at least a slight impression, and hope that I'm wrong, that you will allow either or both of these scumbags to remain in your life. Please tell us all that you will not if cheating is what it sounds like it is. I think I speak for everyone here when I say it would be good to hear that from you. Please promise that to us. All too often women will go right back to the scumbags for any number of reasons. It's nothing less than a worse disaster waiting to happen when they do, EVERY time.

Just want to add, my ...

Just want to add, my concerns that you would make the grave mistake of giving them a second chance might be because you called him your boyfriend and her your friend when you posted this.

If I were you, a female in your shoes right now, I would have absolutely called him my now EX-boyfriend and her my now EX friend. And that would be the end of it. No discussion, no nothing. Just THE END. Move on.



I loved that show! I had ...

I loved that show! I had a cheatin husband once and really thought about calling them up! I should have. He was sleeping with co-workers.

That show is awesome! I ...

That show is awesome! I am sorry to hear about your cheating EX. I know this sounds a bit forward but if he was sexually cheating with your friend make sure you get tested for everything. Don't trust whatever it is they tell you.

my "brother-in-law" nearly ...

my "brother-in-law" nearly called cheaters for his now ex wife. she kept saying she was going to the gym after work...she never got any skinnier. lol.

My ex once told me she was ...

My ex once told me she was leaving me because I "cheated".

First, I don't even call it that or "fooling around". I reject both of those terms. I call it being unfaithful or adultery.

Secondly, I had been 1000% faithful even when she was cold and unaffectionate for as much as a year at a time (which by then was 10 years into the relationship which was exclusive immediately and that's also 7 years married).

She accused me of this because, she said, she had contracted an STD. I was INFURIATED. The ONLY way she would have got that is if SHE had been unfaithful because I never had an STD then and still never have. But at that point in time, when she said that, I had to wonder if I could have it from her depending on when she got it (before or after our last time which had been ages ago).

She denied being unfaithful and went balistic saying she was going to leave me with my son.

Turns out, she lied. I saw the doctor's report. Her answer? Oh, it was thought to be an STD at first and then they found it wasn't. But there was no such other report anywhere to support that. THEN, she backpedals and claims she was just "testing" me because she had been so cold (well, she put it as "we haven't done it in so long") and claimed that no guy could wait that long. Believe me, it wasn't easy either, she is gorgeous... physically speaking, ugly as hell "as a person" though as it turned out.

So after she leaves, she's with a guy full time immediately and ends up marrying him. Serves her right. She denied it when I asked if this was the same so and so who I researched and found to be a convicted embezzler. He was. She married him for "his" money (which ALL turned out in the end to have been nothing but a house of cards). He ended up beating her (according to her own words in a sworn signed statement to the police) and according to my son on many other occasions. He was on drugs and having and adulterous affair when he beat her one more time and was then found dead in a hotel room. Serves her right!

I call it cosmic justice. Some call it Karma or what goes around comes around. Whatever you call it it's for real, I assure you of that. I predicted it and it happened. The asshole used to also call from a fax machine to my cell phone several times a day. That was clear because of the timing - earlier than any other day (like 6am) on the day I'm on my way to court with her, first caller ID says it can't recognize the number, seconds later the same thing happens only caller ID says "private" - no autmated fax does that, it takes a person to do that. AND, the calls all stopped the day he died and haven't returned in a year and a half since!

I danced on his grave. I plan to outlive her too and will dance on hers. Revenge is sweet, especially since all you have to do is wait and there's that cosmic justice to take care of everything for you. - Remember, it's their loss and they did it to themselves.

Ex husband

I once had a husband that cheated on me badly. He cheated on me with soo many women it was ridiculous!! When one says, "One in every port"..that was him.

Once hurt, then angry..and now accepting the fact. I've moved on..he moved on..and life is a much better place. I'm married to a (mostly) wonderful guy (as nobodies perfect..), but he treats me well and life's a piece of cake compared to the nightmare I lived with a cheater.

You can do better and will once you break it off with him and your lousy friend. Once you do I'll bet it will feel like a whole bunch of weight off your shoulders, as you'll be free to move on and find someone that's going to treat you like you want to be treated.

I say, "like you want to be treated" because it seems like oftentimes women that get cheated on tend to gravitate to the same sort of jerks. Don't settle for less and take your time to get to know someone you're dating before you make a commitment regarding being exclusive. I'm not saying that you should date a bunch of guys at the same time..but take your time in your next relationship to really know the person you're dating.

Good luck and I hope things turn out really well for you. You certainly deserve it!!

i have a papercut...what ...

i have a papercut...what did i do??


LOL-conana! hey Ed, ...


hey Ed, like Justin says, "what comes around, goes around!"
she got hers!

that really sucks. But as ...

that really sucks. But as terrible as it sounds, better late than never. By that, I mean that you found out now so far into the relationship, rather after i do's are said and it is holy hell fire to get rid of the bastard.
but on the bright side, you can make his life hell too. 6 months of living together is considdered common law in Texas.. don't know where you are from, but you can get a divorce....and get your shit plus some of his.....get him where it hurts!
In the words of an older lady that had been married multiple times:
"It's cheaper to keep her, baby...."

Evangeline25, ya know, on ...

Evangeline25, ya know, on second thought, having said all that I already said, the devil sitting up there on my left shoulder just made an interesting suggestion -

Have you considered inviting him and your friend over for a threesome?

Oh, no. I didn't just say that, did I? BAD BAD little devil sitting up there on that shoulder. No nookie for you tonight.

Oh my TGIX! I thought the ...

Oh my TGIX! I thought the same thing for a split nano second but then came back to reality and reminded myself what a pig her boyfriend was for cheating.

I have to admit, I left ...

I have to admit, I left out a couple of important parts of the story:

1) She said to me "I'm not giving you any for all this time because you should go get a whore so I can catch you and sue for divorce and take you for everything you own.

(My bad, no great looking "trophy wife" for me again no matter how good she is to me *before* the wedding. Not going to ever fall for that one again. Any ugly losers out there want to apply to be wife #2? LOL Remember the song "If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife. So from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you..." LOL)

And #2 is I admit some fault. In hindsight once again, I probably shouldn't have gone around introducing her to people by saying "I'd like you to meet my first wife" LOL (not really, I never did that. I can be bad but not *that* bad).

Here ya go TJIX...

Send us his balls and ...

Send us his balls and we'll roast them for ya!

i'm sorry to hear that! i ...

i'm sorry to hear that! i wish you the best. we will always be here for you sweety! :)

OUCH Walter!!!

OUCH Walter!!!

I'm sorry that happened to ...

I'm sorry that happened to you. No one deserves to have to go through that. Keep your chin up and stay strong -- and, if possible, don't let him know how much he hurt you.

Cheaters suck. THEY should ...

Cheaters suck. THEY should be tied to the ground, have their genitals covered in sugar, and left for the fire ants until we can think of something mean to do to them.

LOL walter! OOOHHH ...

LOL walter!

OOOHHH slappy, harsh, but effective!

I'd like to know a little more cuz Evangeline never came back to answer any ques I had, I still wanna know exactly what was "cheating", the act, was it sex, a kiss, a date, talking on phone...

Dawn, maybe it was like ...

Dawn, maybe it was like this one -

a man walks into a pub, sits down on his usual stool and tells his bartender buddy "Call me Mr. Lucky!"

Well at this, Charlie the bartender gives Jim a kind of funny look and asks the obvious question "What's all this about Jim? This 'Mr. Lucky' bit? Your name is Jim? What's going on?"

Jim answers by explaining "I just won the lottery! Hit the $100 jackpot tonight! Drinks all around on me!"

So Charlie proceeds to congratulate Jim and pours everyone a shot.

Next day, Jim swaggers in again at his usual time and plants it at the bar on his regular stool "Call me Mr. Lucky Lucky" he proclaims. And of course Charlie has to ask, "Hit the $100 again?!!" only Jim answers "Nope! I hit the $1,000 jackpot. Drinks all around on me, and make 'em doubles" There was much rejoicing...

Next day, Jim makes his entrance beaming like the night before and the night before that. Charlie beats him to the punch "Let me guess," he says "Call you Mr. Lucky Lucky Lucky?" "YEP!" Jim snaps back, I am feeling gooooood tonight. Drinks all around and make 'em triples this time!" "So what are we celebrating?" asks Charlie as he begins to set up the glasses and pour away, "did you hit the big one?" "Nope" comes back Jim "I got shot in the ass"

"Now wait right here a minute" says Charlie, stopping in mid tracks. "I understood the first time the other night when you said to call you Mr. Lucky as you had just won a hundred bucks in the lottery... I understood calling you Mr. Lucky Lucky when you won the thousand in the lottery. But now you want us to call you Mr. Lucky Lucky Lucky because you got shot in the ass. You're going to have to 'splain that one to us."

"Well it's really quite simple" Jim explained "I was in bed with my girlfriend when in walked her husband, and he shot me with his shotgun in the ass"

"Okay" Charlie pries "And why is that so darned lucky?"

Jim - "Because if he had walked in on us just 5 minutes earlier I'd have been shot in the back of the head".

LOL!!! love good jokes!!!

LOL!!! love good jokes!!!

Maybe they talked on the ...

Maybe they talked on the phone, went on a date, kissed and then had sex!

My ex fiance did that shit ...

My ex fiance did that shit to me and then had the nerve to ask me to pick her up from the airport. Now he is sitting in a jail cell( the last I heard) boo hooing over that fact: Man I should have never cheated on her and never married that sleaze and asked my friend if she could arrange for him to meet me somewhere. She was like: NO, she is happily married with two kids and I don't think her hubby would appreciate you coming around.