Maria SHRIEKapova


Sharapova is the actual spelling but that Russian tennis bitch SHRIEKS on every serve and every time she hits the freaking ball. It's distracting and unsportsmanlike, cheating in my book, but they allow it. Even the commentators mentioned her "shrieking" yesterday. That was a first from what I've seen. It's become worse too. It's like something right out of a horror movie the way she sounds.

Then, yesterday at the French Open she's playing Patty Schnyder (pronounced Schneeder), a fine young French gal who had her first shot at the title. The match is down to the final set and it's Schnyder on top, SHRIEKapova serves and as she tosses the ball in the air a spectator yells something. Schnyder holds her hand up in the air signifying that she concedes there was a problem so the serve should not count and be redone. The asshole judge though gives SHRIEKAPOVA the point, unearned! Schnyder loses the point, then the next one or two (clearly due to having been wronged and due to even LOUDER SHRIEKING by SHRIEKapova) and then loses the match and her chances at the title.

I don't understand why judges in tennis or referees in other games seem to take any chance they get to play God. They make mistakes. In tennis, they have a most sophisticated computerized system with many cameras that shows precisely where the ball falls, on the line or inside or over the line. It's called Hawkeye. The French Open refuses to use it. They're snobs and there's no other explaination for it. Virtually every other world class tournament uses it. They use instant playbacks in football too. Sports refs and judges need to get down off of their high horse once in a while and admit they're human. Don't even get me started on the imbiciles who dare call themselves judges in the Olympics with all their politics skewing the ratings they give those hard working athletes.


I don't watch tennis so I ...

I don't watch tennis so I don't know what you're talking about but it sounds annoying!!

I seem to remember them ...

I seem to remember them trying to do something about loud sounds made by the players a few years back. They decided that all players make a certain amount of noise and couldn't come up with a fair way to regulate the volume. In other words. At what decible do they draw the line?
I've never heard of Hawkeye. Sounds like a useful tool to avoid favoritism.

Amarettoxo, that probably ...

Amarettoxo, that probably started with Shriekapova, it would coincide with her arrival on the world stage as it were. There was at least one complaint that I was able to find in a quick net search. I also found this -

102.7 decibels: Volume of the loudest shriek emitted by tennis player Maria Sharapova during a recent match against fellow Russian Elena Dementieva. 100 decibels: Typical volume of a jackhammer in use. 93 decibels, about what a diesel train would produce.

Personally, I think John McEnroe had more style with his swearing at the judges. Many have credited him for getting Tennis out of the almost strictly for snobs category and into the mainstream consumer arena. It brought gobs more in sponsor funding and far more TV coverage.

This Saturday's men's match with Nadal and that other spaniard (sorry, I forgot his name) was funny because the other guy swore once (not at anyone, more like at himself) and the judge gave him a warning. It may be the French Open, in France, but the commentators pointed out that the judge was also Spanish so he understood the verbage. LOL!!

Hawkeye is phenomenal. The system is so accurate that the computerized rendition of the ball appears as a tack sharp black shadow as it shows the ball, it's path in flight, and the bounce. The shadow remains there on the court surface in the image and you can see if even the tiniest part of the ball touched the line which of course counts as being in.

Wow! Just found ...

Wow! Just found this

MARIA Sharapova is endangering part of her $30 million a year endorsement income with her shrieking during rallies - which is turning fans off.,21985,21123684-11088,00.html

Imagine losing $30 due to what is in effect cheating at worst, unsportsmanlike at best. She can control it too by the way. I've seen her more than a couple of times when in a heated point apparently forgetting to shriek, so it is not something that she *has* to do. It is voluntary and deliberate.

There was a young female ...

There was a young female tennis player that was doing that before Sharapova was born. To put the time frame in perspective, Martina Navritalova used to complain about her noise. I don't remember her name, but that's when I first remember this being an issue.