Wanted: Poker/NASCAR Channel


Just back from Ceasars Atlantic City and Cape May. The lady I went with has an aunt that is management there so it didn't cost me a dime. When the smoke cleared I was $600 in the black and I still found something to complain about. The Travel Channel and ESPN were both there filming poker games. How come? I suppose you could call this entertainment but sport is a bit of a stretch. I don't get the people that go to casinos to watch someone else play poker. They finally wised up and gave hunting, bass fishing and golf their own channel. Why not poker and NASCAR. Both are popular enough. Anyone that can pull off a show that features a dozen people casting a line in the water and letting a fish decide who gets the prize money could surely come up with NASCAR and Poker networks. I get a bit tired of turning on the Travel Channel to check out deals on vacation spots and seeing a poker marathon. Someone let me know if I'm wrong and these channels exsist. I don't have them in my area.
Almost forgot. I apologize for not hitting the jackpot and beg everyones forgivness.
You guys didn't think I was talking about the "go to hell" part did you?


If you want my ...

If you want my forgiveness, then you will need to send $2,000,000 to the Bank of the Sea in the Bahamas. I will contact you again with the account number.

will you take a check?

will you take a check?

Money orders or travelers ...

Money orders or travelers checks only. Or, you can meet my one of my associates at the food mart in Bugle, Wyoming. I'll send my private jet.

LOL!! I knew you'd be ...

LOL!! I knew you'd be back, you're still my friend!!

And my rant would be the ...

And my rant would be the superfluity of specialized sports channels that I can't do anything about but not pay the $5.99 extra a month for it. Which I did. I'd give anything for Boomerang - who the hell needs the "Tennis Channel"?