Well give me a cyanide pill NOW and get it over with!!!!

WalterTH3rd said,

on May 28th, 2007 at 6:05 pm

I just got an email from Dr. Weil (sp) talking about tips to prevent cancer! Guess what the NUMBER one tip was? It was NOT microwaving ANY food in plastic! Nor putting plastic bottles of water in the freezer! Apparently some chemical that is known to cause cancer, leaves the plastic when heated and get all over the food, and when frozen, it leeches into the water! He, Dr. Weil, suggests taking the food from the container and putting into a glass container to heat, in that fashion, the risk of cancer would drop! Nevermind the rate of using all that extra water to clean those dishes. But that wasn't the focus there!

Talk about scaring the masses! EVRYTHING WE HAVE WILL KILL US!!!!!


Dr. Weil eats from a ...

Dr. Weil eats from a cafeteria more than likely and I wonder if he realizes that his food trays and plates have more life-threatening germs on them than the average car tires does?...ok, not really but I guarantee you it's not as clean as he thinks it is. Live life...have fun...forget about all that "don't-play-outside-because-the-sun-is-bad-for-you" crap!

Not to mention..

Half the people that work in a cafeteria don't wash their hands after using the bathroom...nor do half the people that DON'T work in the cafeteria and grab the silverware, napkins, etc.


A Dr friend of mine said ...

A Dr friend of mine said the scare is just one of those internet BS things and not to believe it. Same with the "your colon has 10 pounds of unpassable feces", unless you buy the product that will "clean out" your colon. Excuse the pun, because I hate puns, but it's all crap.

so tupperware is screwed, ...

so tupperware is screwed, along with the frozen food industry since they are either mainly plastic dishes, or a plastic cover over the frozen food that you leave on to "bake" in the oven. Load of crap!

Like I said before Snopes ...

Like I said before Snopes has been proven wrong, as well as shown to be intentionally misleading countless times. Can't believe everything on there. And reeer. Bad day today ?

Sorry misslisa, I forgot ...

Sorry misslisa, I forgot you havn't been sleeping.

Someone else had told me ...

Someone else had told me of this about a month ago. Not to freeze or microwave plastic because it causes cancer. I never bothered looking it up because plastic ice trays are still on the market so I figured it couldn't be true. Ice trays and plastic bags that ice comes in may not be under the jurisdiction of the FDA but freeze pops are and they're still on the market.

I think I saw a show that ...

I think I saw a show that said that all that was a lie, can't remember if it was the news or a news show. But one thing about water bottles, while I buy water like the next person, if I like the design of the bottle, I will re-use it which is a big no-no, unless you wash it thoroughly each time you use it and santitize it. and I do freeze them as well. I take them when I go exercise.

Hey Walt, is this the Dr ...

Hey Walt, is this the Dr Weil that sent that article?