Pump/ATM Squatters


These are people that pump their gas,get the receipt,then they get back in the car and sit for another 5 or 10 minutes with someone behind them. Not even looking at a map.Just sitting as though at a red light MOVE! Two more minutes and the price will go up again! What can you possibly be doing that takes that long? The ones at the ATM are just as bad. Endlessly pushing buttons and never making a deposit or withdraw. Are they testing the rest of the functions? If your life is that complicated then go inside the bank or get rid of that stolen card! An inquiry only takes a minute and a balance check another 30 seconds. I used to work next to a bank drive-thru and once saw a woman spend over 30 minutes at the ATM on a Sunday. Last but not least is the idiot in front of me at store that has his card rejected so he thinks if he swipes it harder that money will somehow appear in the account. The clerk said REJECTED not unreadable. Swipe as hard and often as you want,the card is no good!


The same thing happens at ...

The same thing happens at fast-food restaurants. It never fails that the person in the car at the window checks every flappin' burger AT THE WINDOW while the rest of us, who are on our lunch break, are debating whether to break and run, leaving our orders unclaimed and unpaid. I do understand how much hassle it is to have an incorrect order -- believe me, it's happened on many an occasion -- but usually, I just pull forward, look, and go back inside if I have an incorrect order. At least that way, it doesn't tie up service for the people behind me.

Caughtcha, AMT! What's it ...

Caughtcha, AMT! What's it worth to you for me not to tell your boss what you were doing during those 30 minutes? ;-)

Thought you had me didn't ...

Thought you had me didn't you? I was on lunch break!!